For many of us, the ritual of pumpkin carving involves a messy power struggle with pumpkin guts that leads us to scream a few choice swear words before nearly stabbing ourselves. After all this trauma, the end product is often a barely legible pumpkin face with a neat triangle nose and very uneven eyebrows. However, that is NOT the case for everyone. There are a handful of people on Twitter who possess a spooky amount of carving coordination and high-concept artist notions who are frankly putting the rest of us to shame.


While the petty and vindictive part of me is having a difficult time not feeling jealous of the brilliant few who have somehow mastered the impossibility of pumpkin carving, I think they deserve the shine they're getting.

So, let's have a look at some of the top pumpkin contenders on Twitter before the zombies come to feast on our brains.

This cell phone pumpkin is possibly a little TOO scary.

Although, this alcohol-themed pumpkin is certainly in the competition.

One skilled artist carved Alice the Angel.

While another channeled Alexa Bliss from WWE.

One pumpkin brought Ziggy Stardust back to life.

The Aliens are using this pumpkin as a vessel.

This pumpkin wins most tech savvy by far.



Even Rick of Rick and Morty got his moment of Halloween glory.

One man slayed a pumpkin and anime fans alike with the image of Toshinori Yagi.

Then there's Shawn Mendes crooning at us.

Even Stranger Things season 2 received some extra pumpkin-based promo.

Also, can we please all appreciate this festive picture of Patrick Stewart sitting amidst some pumpkins?!

Thank you for understanding this crucial priority.

These are truly a magnificent flock of pumpkins, and we still have two days left of this beauty.