High school students dress as pop culture icons in ID photos. Twitter is jealous AF.

High school students dress as pop culture icons in ID photos. Twitter is jealous AF.

Most high school yearbook photos are a parade of quickly lapsing fashion choices and hormonal changes. Many of us look back on them with shudders and a newfound gratitude for the progress of adulthood. However, that's not the case for every school.

As part of the school's tradition, the senior class at Michigan's North Farmington High get to dress up as pop culture icons for their year book photo.

They shared their photos on the Twitter hashtag #NFID18, and the rest of the internet instantly became jealous fans.

Can you imagine how many teens would be less grumpy if their schools were this cool?

This has some of us wanting to pull a Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed just so we can score a sweet ID.

But without the statutory.


These high schoolers had an impressive arsenal of cultural references.

If they commit to their futures as much as these costumes, they'll all be golden.


There were a lot of different interpretations of "pop icon."

Some of them went political.

While others channeled cartoon characters.


There were classic sitcom sweethearts.

And old Hollywood icons.

Students wore wigs.


They carried fake pets.

They ventured under the sea.

And into the science laboratory.


They created optical illusions.

Channeled iconic television couples.

Some played sexy pop stars.


While others became childhood faves.

One girl went retro animation.

Friends became puppets.


Some references were current AF.

While others took us to the 90s.

And one girl captured the spirit of the internet.


Needless to say, they killed it.

The rest of us are jealous.

Can we all go to this high school for picture day?!