20 people who hilariously roasted their BFF because that's what love is, b*tch.

20 people who hilariously roasted their BFF because that's what love is, b*tch.

The true marking of a solid friendship is the ability to razz each other without getting too deep in your feelings. The closest friends often feel like family, both in matters of loyalty and their ability to throw shade and push your buttons.

Sometimes you're just minding your business, hoping for an encouraging text when your friend barrels in with an unexpected roast. While it may not always feel good, you know you can trust someone when they're not afraid to lay the cards out on the table for you.

In honor of the ride-or-dies that sometimes drive us crazy, I have gathered 20 hilarious friends who can't keep their opinions to themselves.

1. This friend who will come for your lack of love life.

2. This friend who takes the bait.

He followed his up with “you need some ice for that burn?” #worstfriendever

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3. The friend who helps you look for work.

4. The friend who brags about AC when you're in pain.

5. The friend who traumatizes you.


6. The friend who kills your favorite plants.

7. The friend who knows they might bail on you.

8. The friend who calls out your body insecurities.


9. The friend who goes in on your birthday cake.

10. The friend who forgets your birthday.

11. The friend who creatively applies your sunscreen.


12. The friend who selfies through your pain.

13. The friend who keeps a safe distance from you when you're sick.

14. The friend who asks you to drive 50 miles to bring them food.


15. The friend whose mad at you but still shows up for the party,

16. The friend ready to discuss how shitty your partner is.

17. The friend who videotapes you while you're in trouble.


18. The friend who just laughs when you need advice.

19. The friend who wants you to bring freebies from work.

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20. The friend who ruins your cute photo.