16 hilarious husbands and boyfriends who will make you believe in love.

16 hilarious husbands and boyfriends who will make you believe in love.

As a demographic, straight men haven't been doing so hot lately (well, for the past few hundred years). There's a lot of news involving sexual assault allegations, overwhelmingly male active shooters and of course, the looming threat of Donald Trump and his boys in the White House.

However, the world also contains rare men actively using their energy to delight and make their wives and girlfriends laugh.

So, in hopes of restoring some hope in love, I have gathered 16 examples of such men.

1. This husband's extremely honest poem.

2. This boyfriend who made a list of his girlfriend's special traits to cheer her up.

3. This boyfriend who made a Twitter to tell his girlfriend about his lost phone.


4. This boyfriend who hilariously embarrassed his girlfriend in Walmart.

5. This boyfriend who trolled his girlfriend's indecisiveness.

6. This husband who replaced his wife's scale numbers with sweet adjectives.


7. This husband who trolled his way out of shopping.

8. This boyfriend's hilarious fail at "cute candid" photos.

9. This boyfriend's fashion advice.


10. This boyfriend's snack preservation technique.

11. This boyfriend's deeply touching painting.

12. This husband's brilliant gift idea.


13. This husband's absurd birthday cake.

Best Birthday cake ever :) #funnyhusband #lovehim

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14. This husband's Instagram recognition.

15. This husband's Valentines Day sass.


16. This boyfriend who clearly wasn't ready to become a husband.