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The #IfPizzaCouldTalk Twitter hashtag is a cheesy delight.

The #IfPizzaCouldTalk Twitter hashtag is a cheesy delight.


Pizza is one of the foods that consistently brings people of all personalities and belief systems together. It truly has everything we need. There are layers of cheese, all sorts of meat (if you're into that), steaming hot vegetables and most importantly, loads of sauce. The presence of a pizza is enough to transform any gathering into a full-fledged party, and for this reason alone, it deserves our respect and adoration.

The Twitter hashtag #IfPizzaCouldTalk is chock full of cheesy reflections on the universally beloved food, and more specifically, what pizza would say if it had a grasp of language.

Some Twitter users aren't ready for the concept of talking pizza.

While others imagine a pizza with a strong sense of self.

It got strangely sexual, fast.

Some imagined an equal dialogue with pizza.

While other Twitter users kept the conversation short.

Some Twitter users drew up really specific narratives.

While others stuck to the spicy wordplay.

All scenarios aside, it's a relief that pizza is unable to talk. It would add a lot of difficult politics to a currently conflict-free snack.

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