Hello iPhone users of the world. Have you been struggling to write up texts without the letter I being transformed into a strange A with question a mark?! If you were beginning to suspect that autocorrect is a sentient monster aiming to make you look illiterate, well, you might not be wrong. But luckily, regardless of autocorrect's longterm plan to replace human language with a series of unintelligible symbols, it appears the Apple has finally fixed this specific issue.

This afternoon Apple tweeted the link to an ios 11.1 update that purports to fix the pesky power imbalance between the Is and As. We are all truly a blessed people for this.

Of course, this update was only released after people lodged plenty of complaints on Twitter.

Wait, so how does the update work?! Let me walk you through it.

But first thing's first, BACK UP YOUR PHONE.

Don't be like Carrie Bradshaw and forget to back up your files. You can use iTunes or the Cloud to back it up.

Now you can update your phone on Wifi.

If you see a notification that says an update is available, you can just click Install Now! If not, plug your phone into the wall and connect to Wifi. Then you'll enter Settings, click General and mosey on into the Software Update option.

Now you can click Download and Install and enjoy a life where Is are Is and As are As as the universe intended.

Depending on your space it might ask to temporarily remove some apps because iOS needs space for the update. Have no fear, those apps will be automatically reinstalled after the update.

If you're having difficulties directly updating your iOS over the web, you can do it via iTunes on your desktop.

First, download the latest version of iTunes (or update your current iTunes). Then connect your phone to your computer. Now you'll want to Select Your Device in iTunes. Once your device is selected you'll click Check for Update. And voila, you'll click Download and live an infinitely more fulfilling texting life.

God bless this update for finally helping us dot our Is and cross our As.