Kylie Jenner bought some tampons, and the internet has one big question.

Kylie Jenner bought some tampons, and the internet has one big question.

Snapchat is all about the moment and broadcasting whatever feeling or activity you're currently engaged in. The future doesn't exist when you're on Snapchat because everything dissolves before you can even conceive of it. However, when Kylie Jenner posted a Snapchat of her buying tampons, followers had a lot of questions about the future.

While Kylie has yet to address her pregnancy rumors with a straightforward yes or no answer, the internet been speculating on her possible pregnancy since September. And at this point, the rumors haven't slowed.

Soooo, given this context, when fans spotted a box of tampons in Kylie's Snapchat of a grocery haul for a girl's trip, there were a lot of questions.

Well, mainly, ONE question.

Technically, Kylie could have purchased the tampons for someone else. however, the only person she snapped was her sister Khloe who is also allegedly pregnant.

In a truly fateful twist, this could mean that neither of the sisters are pregnant. Or yes, it could be Kylie's way of letting her followers know she's not pregnant. but also, they could just be really sweet sisters who were bringing a box of tampons to Kim.

At this point, the most Kylie will say about her (possibly fictional) pregnancy is that she wants creeps to stop photoshopping her to look more pregnant.

A beyond reasonable request.

Meanwhile, the rest of the internet is still waiting for some answers.

As of now, the status of Kylie's potential motherhood remains a mystery. The tampon purchase, however, could throw a wrench of doubt in the pregnancy rumors.