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Maid-of-honor cancels wedding cake after getting kicked out of wedding party. AITA?

Maid-of-honor cancels wedding cake after getting kicked out of wedding party. AITA?


Weddings can bring out some big feelings. In positive cases, these feelings are love, support, and a general feeling of togetherness. But when wedding stress and conflict hit the fan, the feelings can go south quickly.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for canceling a wedding cake after getting kicked out of the wedding.

She wrote:

AITA for not bringing a cake to a wedding I was uninvited from?

My (ex) best friend got married this Saturday. I was supposed to be the maid of honor but she removed me from the wedding over a dispute regarding my makeup, hair, and 'disinterest in the wedding.'

She uninvited me from the wedding after I told friend's my side of the story. I was responsible for the cake at the wedding, but canceled the order because I was uninvited and wanted to be reimbursed for all of my investments in this wedding.

I told the bride I wasn't going to bring the cake over for them. The new maid of honor went to pick up the cake and learned that I had canceled the order. They were able to get another cake, but it apparently wasn't as nice.

The bride, groom, and my sister (who attended) told me it was unfair to cancel the cake. My sister thinks I should have let them enjoy their special day and then later discussed getting my money back.

The bride refers to the cake as a gift and claims that a gift cannot be returned. The groom just agrees with literally anything his precious wife says.

People jumped in to share their thoughts.

Rigpa_Dakota wrote:

You don't disinvite someone from a wedding and STILL expect a gift. NTA.

Drastic-Rap-Tactics wrote:

I guess you could say the bride wanted to...puts on sunglasses...have her cake and eat it too.

Fun-Two-1414 wrote:

NTA. So they uninvite you from the wedding but believed they were still entitled to the cake you had paid for? They are all ridiculous if they think that is normal.

TrayMc666 wrote:

You hadn’t given it at that point, so it wasn’t a gift. They uninvited you but thought they were still entitled to your gift. I’m afraid not. NTA.

laughter_corgis wrote:

NTA. You went from MOH to being told not to come. To me that means you don't have to give a gift and since you were ordering cake as a gift - it then becomes bride and groom responsibility to order it and pay for it.

Clearly, OP did the logical thing given the circumstances, but the bride and groom have unrealistic expectations.

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