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Makeup artist does blackface when she 'can't find a black model.' The internet is not here for it.

Makeup artist does blackface when she 'can't find a black model.' The internet is not here for it.


If you're not currently sitting down, you should probably have a seat so you can face-palm more effectively. Even better, if you have a handy punching bag you may want to get a quick session in. Because a report from Teen Vogue reveals that yet another makeup artist used blackface in a recent tutorial. And just, WHY ARE WE STILL HERE, FELLOW WHITE PEOPLE?!

The Istanbul-based makeup artist known as Percem Akin posted a tutorial on her (now private) Instagram and Youtube accounts where she "transformed herself" into a black woman. Which no. No. No. No. Did I say no yet?!

She told Buzzfeed the look was for an upcoming movie, and she performed it on herself because of the dearth of black actresses and models in Turkey. Um.

Percem told reporters:

"This post is for a movie character in my country. Directors came and asked me: Could you do this? And the movie is about the fucking racism which is rising all around the world. So this is not my design and not my idea, because I am just a makeup artist not director, you know. We are not living in America or Africa, so finding any black model is so difficult in here."

To add insult to historically fueled injury, people on the internet also noticed the use of the hashtag #slave. However, Percem told Buzzfeed she hashtagged #slayer which is the title of the movie.

"I wanna say that, I never used the hashtag #slave, never ever. My hashtags is #slayer which is the tittle of the movie. Someone in my country had changed this and started all this against me and I am taking a legal action against to them now," Percem said.

Unsurprisingly, the internet was deeply angry about the incident.

Because really, how many times must white people learn about the history of blackface before we stop?!

There's not much else to say except: no.


Can we be done now?!

Sources: Teen Vogue
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