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Man asks if he’s wrong to refuse to drive pregnant wife to hospital if she bans him from delivery room.

Man asks if he’s wrong to refuse to drive pregnant wife to hospital if she bans him from delivery room.

Coming up with a birth plan is a deeply personal choice for expecting parents...

While everyone thinks they need to be involved in the private family choices of parents whether that's judging moms for posting breastfeeding photos on social media or interjecting in the comments with unsolicited advice about formula or co-sleeping, ultimately these choices are up to the parents themselves. Unless a birth plan is proven to be dangerous for the mother or the child, coming up with an environment for labor that makes everyone feel safe and comfortable is a highly personal and private choice. While most mothers choose to have their husbands or partners in the delivery room, some perfer to keep the labor process completely separate from family members.

So, when a dejected dad-to-be decided to consult the internet's moral compass otherwise known as Reddit's "Am I the As*hole" about his wife's labor decision, people were quick to deem a verdict.

AITA for telling my wife that if she doesn't want me in the delivery room she can find someone else to drive her to the hospital?

My wife is pregnant and has told me that she wants her sister in the delivery room. She is only allowed one person, so this means I'm out and won't be with her when she gives birth to our baby. It would be an understatement to say that I was disappointed, crushed, hurt, etc. when she told me this is what she was thinking. I had been excited about being there with her and experiencing that moment ever since she told me she was pregnant - really even since we started trying to get pregnant. I just always assumed she would want me there. Note the distinction here between me expecting to be there versus expecting her to want me there. I am pointing this out because what's worse than the disappointment is her rejecting me and basically telling me that she feels like someone else could give her better support while giving birth. That's really made me feel like a POS and worthless husband and father.

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