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Man shares story of getting revenge on brother for proposing at his wedding.

Man shares story of getting revenge on brother for proposing at his wedding.


There are certain family boundaries that even the most self-centered person should be able to abide by. For example, don't propose at your sibling's wedding, particularly during the father-daughter dance. Sometimes, revenge is the only adequate response to a deeply selfish act.

And revenge is exactly what one fed-up brother got after dealing with his brother 'Todd's' selfish antics for years.

He shared the whole messy ordeal on the Pro-Revenge subreddit, where the post quickly gained major traction.

He wrote:

My brother ruined my wedding by proposing so I ruined his proposal. I (35m) have a young brother 'Todd' (29m) who had a complicated birth and had to stay a month in the ICU.

Because of that my parents have always doted on him and almost denied him nothing, even if it was to the detriment of my sister 'Abby' (32f) and I.

My brother drinks in on the attention and on more than one occasion made himself the center of attention at either my, my sister's, or a cousin's special event. Because of this Abby and I have a strained relationship with Todd and our parents.

Unfortunately, Todd met and fell in love with 'Lucy' (24f) who announced her own pregnancy at the baby shower my mom held for Abby. When I proposed to my wife 'Michelle' (30f) I just wanted to elope but she really wanted her family to be there so I invited my family out of obligation.

While out my best man 'Jim' (35m) noticed a receipt from a jewelry store slipped out of Todd's pocket. Jim confronted Todd about this which led to an argument.

Jim told me everything and I told Todd that he was no longer going to be a groomsman because I knew he was going to propose at my wedding. Todd cried to our parents and which led to a blow out.

In my parents' eyes, since Todd never admitted that he was going to propose to Lucy at my wedding I was unfairly judging him. I refused and brought up Todd's past behavior.

My parents couldn't refute this and got Todd to agree to not try anything at my wedding. This wasn't enough to convince me to let him be a groomsman but I warned him that if, as a guest, he'd try anything I would make him regret it.

Fast forward to the wedding and surprise surprise Todd walked over to Lucy and proposed to her during Michelle's father-daughter dance and did it in a way so that EVERYONE would notice.

Cue my revenge, Jim and I had hired a woman to pretend to be Todd's side piece who cornered Todd and Lucy and claimed that she was pregnant with his baby. Todd denied this but then she called his phone. I gave her his number and messed with Todd's phone to incriminate him, it didn't look good. Lucy threw the ring back at Todd and left in tears.

When Todd saw the smile on my face he knew that it was me and I didn't respond to a single call/text from him or my parents until after the honeymoon. Lucy has thrown Todd's stuff out and has been denying access to their kid.

Todd is furious and is demanding that I clear his name. I sent him a text saying that I had no idea what he was talking about and a screenshot of a bill for the wedding and gave a vague message demanding reimbursement for half of the wedding costs.

Michelle knew the whole time what I was planning and gave me the green light after Todd ruined her moment with her dad, so I felt pretty good but now even Abby thinks I went too far.

People were quick to weigh in with their thoughts on whether OP went 'too far' or 'just far enough.'

IsItSupposedToDoThat wrote:

Your family is f**ked up.

Striking-Carpet131 wrote:

You are an a**hole, but a justified one. Some people don’t deserve to be the better person for. They don’t want to listen? Show them you are serious. Good job on it.

Complex-Scheme-1981 wrote:

Unfortunately, most people here seem to have completely overlooked the child. I am all for petty revenge, but only if it doesn't hurt innocent bystanders. Also from the looks of it, OP will only come clean if Todd pays for half the wedding so OP is holding the child's welfare hostage.

Larkiepie wrote:

I mean I want to say that’s a bit harsh but sounds like this was a long time coming. He was warned. He f**ked around and found out. Lol.

Fl333r wrote:

If this story is true, then the only victim in this story is Todd's kid who is gonna grow up without a dad. Though I have no idea what Todd and his ex-fiance are like so that may yet be beneficial to the kid because some dads are pretty s***y. Who knows.

Pastoredbtwo wrote:

I'd think this might belong in NuclearRevenge. It's one thing to payback...but to destroy a person's family?

To destroy their relationship with their own child because now what might have been a stable home is now broken? That's beyond Pro, in my opinion.

It appears, according to the court of the internet, this revenge may have been a stone's throw (or boulder's throw) too far.

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