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Man in middle plane seat drinks 40oz of water on 3 hour flight; gets called 'rude.'

Man in middle plane seat drinks 40oz of water on 3 hour flight; gets called 'rude.'


Flying brings out everyone's pet peeves. Everyone has a different coping mechanism while they're in the air. Some people want to sleep or space off on their headphones, while others prefer to eat and drink and chat with a new airplane friend.

Some people meticulously pick their seat based on how much they need to get up, if they like looking outside, and their size, while others roll the dice.

Unsurprisingly, when you cram a bunch of people with very specific preferences onto a plane, they're going to butt heads on 'flying etiquette' every now and then.

In a popular Reddit thread, a man asked if he was wrong for drinking so much water he needed to pee four times throughout a flight while sitting in a middle seat.

He wrote:

'AITA for using the bathroom frequently on the flight?​​​​​'

Recently I flew home for the holidays. The flight was three hours long. I read that you dehydrate twice as fast on a plane as you do elsewhere. So, I packed two 40oz water bottles and planned to drink both of them over the course of the flight (should note I’m a pretty big person and an athlete).

I booked a middle seat because I’m on a budget and I also don’t particularly care about the aisle/window and I used the bathroom four times over the course of the flight. Each time, the person sitting in the aisle got progressively annoyed.

She was sleeping and I woke her up each time. She would sigh, groan, roll her eyes, etc whenever I got up. When I used the bathroom for the third time, she asked me if I could try to hold it for the remainder of the flight so she could sleep.

(I should mention it was 4pm and there was no time change involved.) I didn’t take her request too seriously and continued to drink water. When I got up for the fourth time, she told me I was rude for not following her request.

I told her it was either that, dehydrate, or wet myself, and going to the bathroom seemed like the best option. She told me no one needs to drink enough to pee four times in less than three hours unless they have a bladder issue.

She then asked me if I had a bladder issue and I said no, not that that’s your business. I asked if she wanted to switch seats so I didn't have to climb over her, but she refused.

She kept pressing me and I suggested that we flag down a flight attendant because I didn’t feel comfortable resolving this on my own. The flight attendant sided with me, but at home, my family had some disagreements.

Some said I did nothing wrong, and that I have the right to drink water, I’m not breaking rules. Others said it was rude to drink that much water during a flight and that I should be able to hold it, especially if the person on the aisle is sleeping. So I’m wondering if the people of Reddit think I’m TA or not?

People had a lot of strong opinions about this one.

AgentAlpo wrote:

YTA. Three hours on a plane isn't going to dehydrate you enough to harm you. If you plan on doing this on your next flight, pay for the aisle seat or get ready to have another pissed-off seatmate.

Also as far as her wanting to sleep, it doesn't matter what time of day it is. Some people don't fly well and they sleep to help get through the flight.

Fionaelaine4 wrote:

80 oz of water in 3 hours while doing nothing is not healthy imo as a nurse. How much do you typically drink in a day?

Flowerofiron wrote:

OP, water toxicity is very real and very dangerous. You had a much higher chance of becoming very sick because of water toxicity than dehydrating on a three-hour flight. Many people have been hospitalized and even died of water toxicity.

TentaclesAndCupcakes wrote:

YTA. Once or twice, sure. But 4 times in 3 hours is ridiculous. You should have booked an aisle seat if you planned on drinking an insane amount of water during the short flight.

Fainora wrote:

YTA if you're going to chug 80oz of water in 3 hours get a damn aisle seat. If you're pissing that much you're nowhere near dehydrated btw.

superswellcewlguy wrote:

Who cares if you're slightly dehydrated on a 3-hour flight? It doesn't affect your health at all, especially if you rehydrate after you land.

And she's right, nobody needs to be drinking 80oz of water on a flight where all you're doing is sitting or going to the bathroom. Less than half of that would keep you plenty hydrated.

YTA for being inconsiderate to your seatmate based on some irrational aversion to being slightly dehydrated.

It's pretty unanimous on this thread that OP was the water-guzzling a**hole.

Sources: Reddit
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