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Man starts exclusively sleeping naked to make point to roommate's creepy girlfriend.

Man starts exclusively sleeping naked to make point to roommate's creepy girlfriend.


Being able to recharge in the privacy of your room can make the difference between feeling centered and feeling completely dysregulated.

The world is loud and exhausting, and being able to rest in your own corner of space, no matter how small, is key.

When someone threatens that peace, whether through accidental social impropriety or straight-up disrespect, it can really take a toll.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for intentionally sleeping naked to stave off his roommate's nosy GF.

He wrote:

AITA for sleeping naked because my roommate's girlfriend keeps waking me up?​​​​​​

I (19m) have a roommate. He has a girlfriend (call her L) since they have been seeing each other and when she’s been staying round she has walked in on me and pulled the covers off as a joke.

She’s also walked in on me and my girlfriend which was the final straw. My roommate has been doing nothing about this saying “I can’t control her”. A few days ago my girlfriend was in our flat and so was L.

My girlfriend has been getting pissed at L walking in on us. I told her to sleep naked and she will stop probably. At 6 my girlfriend and I were sleeping and L busted threw the door and saw us butt naked together.

She screamed like she saw a murderer scene. My roommate walked in and told us we should of been wearing clothes. I told him that she needs to learn about privacy first. He told us we were acting childish.

We didn’t care if we were acting childish she needed to know that’s it’s weird walking in on people like that. So AITA?

crystallz2000 wrote:

NTA. OP, I would actually text him, so it's in writing, 'BLANK continues to trespass in my room, scare me while I'm sleeping, and harass me. Now, she has broken into my room and seen both me and my GF naked.'

'If she so much as opens my door again, I'll be going to the police to file harassment charges and a restraining order. I don't know what kind of weird obsession she has with me, but it stops now.'

'She is not to talk to me, look at me, or break into my room again.'

zer0_c00l__ wrote:

NTA. Your roommate can’t tell his gf what to do but feels comfortable telling you what to do? Nahhhh you need a lock and a new roommate.

Annual-Intern5669 wrote:

Yeah, why are so many comments just sidestepping the whole 'sexual predator' thing? Like I really hate 'switch the genders' but a dude doing this is getting thrown out the nearest window at best.

MerryMoose923 wrote:

NTA. Your roommate has a responsibility for his guests in the apartment. If he 'can't control' his girlfriend, then she shouldn't be there. What she is doing by invading your space and pulling the covers off of you isn't a joke.

It's harassment, and it needs to stop. I would have done exactly what you did.

Current-Practice2664 wrote:

Gotta start barging into roommates room…maybe at 3am…because he can’t control you and if he reacts badly he’s being childish.

Worldsgreatestfrog wrote:

I am a university professor. What you described sounds like you’re roommates at a university. If you are, speak to your student conduct office. What she’s doing counts as sexual harassment.

I suspect your roommate and her will sing a different tune once they talk to the student conduct office.

After getting feedback, he wrote a simple and succinct update.

EDIT: I ordered a lock.

Hopefully, OP's roommate dumps this harasser of a woman, and OP either reports her or is able to move into a safer space.

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