McDonalds introduced new 'millennial ingredients.' Twitter has some hilarious suggestions.

McDonalds introduced new 'millennial ingredients.' Twitter has some hilarious suggestions.

Back in July, McDonalds announced they were adding kale and sriracha aioli to their burgers, as a desperate bid to trick consumers into thinking they serve actual food.

But now, the tweet advertising "millennials' favorite ingredient" has resurfaced, and people on Twitter have gone to town with suggestions for the fast food chain.

While McDonalds labeled kale and sriracha aioli as millennial-approved, many feel that avocado deserves the crown of this generation.


Some of the suggestions pierced the heart of economic anxiety many millennials are facing.

If there were burgers topped with Student Loan Forgiveness, I'd eat one daily for posterity. Shortened life span be damned.


While others tapped into even more meta concepts for their fast food suggestion.

In the future, each McDonalds burger will be topped with the shredded retweet of an article about articles about millennials.

One creative Twitter user managed to bring Star Wars into the conversation.


A burger topped with Porgs is just devastating enough from an ethical perspective, that McDonalds might be down.

While others joined the thread to roast McDonalds' lateness.

One ingredient suggestion took the shape of a trendy color.

Still more edible than 90% of the McDonalds menu.


It was even suggested that Twitter, and the thread itself be considered for future innovation.

Real food will be extinct soon enough, right?!

Before we know it, McDonalds will be serving up freelance gigs as sides.


The people are still waiting on a selfie-themed burger.

Honestly, some iteration of that has to exist somewhere.

One guy on Twitter got philosophical with his ingredient preference.

His burger idea sounds the most needed at this point.


Despite the roasting, some people on Twitter are truly gazing into the future of McDonalds.

An anti-anxiety burger definitely exists on the same scale of believability as widespread Student Loan Forgiveness.

Whoever is running social media for McDonalds better be taking notes, these suggestions are fire.