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Millennials are responding to Gen Z making fun of them on TikTok.

Millennials are responding to Gen Z making fun of them on TikTok.


"Adulting," living on only black coffee and red wine, complaining about the gig economy and living your life according to which "Harry Potter" house you identify with are all dead giveaways that you're a millennial.

Millennials are being roasted so brutally and accurately roasted on TikTok right now that they can't help but laugh about it. In defense of millennials, "adulting" is a challenge and Gen Z has yet to do it while they learn dances from the comfort of their parents' houses. However, their roasting chops are perfectly on point so I'm sure they'll transition to the complicated nightmare of adulthood very smoothly.

Unfortunately, millennials took a little too long to get on the TikTok trend that we didn't see what Gen Z was saying about us. Does this hurt as much as the Boomer insults? Probably not. But ouch, Gen Z...this stings!

This seems nice at first...but...




finally able to jump on the #millennial hate trend 😍 so happy to be here #fyp @wholesam

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