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Gen Xers, Millennials and Zoomers share the biggest lies sold to their generations.

Gen Xers, Millennials and Zoomers share the biggest lies sold to their generations.


Everyone generation loves to impart wisdom onto young people, but it's important to take some life lessons or career advice from our elders with a grain of salt (and a tequila shot)...

While the battle between Gen Z, Millennials, Boomers and Gen X rages on throughout all social media platforms, the one thing we all have in common is that we've been lied to. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the biggest lie sold to your generation?' people were eager to bond over the biggest myths about life and the world they fell for while growing up. Pro tip: You'll never have to write in cursive ever, kids.


You won’t always have a calculator on you! - hotsaucetom


Growing up everyone I ever met said to never get a credit card. The only way to buy a house is with credit and the only way to actually get credit is a credit card. In my life I paid off 3 vehicles early only to be told the second they were paid off my credit was dropped to a no rating because I wasn't actively in debt. - Squantoon


'You can be anything you want.' Not everyone can become and millionaire astronaut and rockstar and professional gamer and parent. There is a reason why some us have the most boring jobs anyone can think of - raziel_LK


'Good things come to those who wait.' Bullsh*t. Go get what you want from life or it'll pass you by. Don't wait. Do stuff. - kingofthecairn


'No one wants to work anymore.' No, no one wants to work a sh*tty job for sh*tty wages while getting disrespected. - fiveMagicsRIP


Drinking an obscene amount of milk because otherwise you'll have weak bones from lack of calcium... brought to you by the Dairy Farmers - tamlynn88


You can have it all...that both parents can work, go to school, raise kids, have time for their marriage, and have hobby time. - Presitgious-Owl-6397


“It’s a one in a lifetime event! These things don’t happen all the time” - In reference to things like wars, devastating floods, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, mass shootings/gun violence, terrorist attacks, and now…pandemics, apparently. How many more ‘once in a lifetime’ freak events am I going to be living through? When can we have some peace and quiet? - One-Two3214


All you have to do is go to college and you'll be successful. - molten_dragon


If you work hard and accept lower pay it'll pay off in the end - thrownawaybyubefore


Work hard for your company and they will take care of you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. - whatintheactualfeth


Medicare and social security will protect you. Based on how things are going, anyone with 30 years or more before retirement better have strong backup plans - iteraco


Fat is bad, sugar is good. - Thesorus


'Climb the corporate ladder.' - UKS1977


You will always have to write in cursive. - hakuna_matitties


Plastic recycling. I remember when grocery stores went from paper bags to plastic because 'they're recyclable!' Literally everything else started coming wrapped in a ton of plastic (instead of cardboard) because it was recyclable.

Single use plastics were great, because we'd just recycle the plastic, and use it forever! Turns out, it was just cheaper, and recycling had nothing to do with it. Most of that plastic can't be recycled anyway. - DifficultMinute


Money can't buy happiness. It's bullsh*t, most of my problems could be solved by money - Slight-Ad-1744


Don’t act up in class Johnny, It will go on your PERMANENT RECORD - ThePracticalDad

Sources: Reddit
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