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Mom asks if she was wrong for 'humiliating' ex-husband to save daughter's birthday.

Mom asks if she was wrong for 'humiliating' ex-husband to save daughter's birthday.

Harry Potter-themed birthday cakes aren't exactly a project you can spring on a bakery last minute...

Elaborate cakes with multi-colored frosting textures, tiny details, figurines, layers, and "Cake Boss"-level structure are a lot of work, and can run you a pretty hefty tab. While it's fun to surprise your child with an extra special birthday cake, planning ahead for a labor-intensive order is key if you know you can't bake it yourself.

Of course, many divorced couples are able to put their children before their own petty and spiteful feelings for each other, but it can be irritating when an ex-partner consistently validates why you're no longer with them. So, when a mom decided to consult the internet's moral compass (Reddit's "Am I the As*hole?") about an argument she got into with her ex-husband about his failed Harry Potter-themed cake for their daughter's 13th birthday, people were ready to deem a verdict.

AITA (Am I the As*hole?) for "setting up" my ex-husband to look like a bad father?

I'll keep this short. When my and ex's daughter "Megan" was turning 13 she wanted a tiered Harry Potter cake (she loves the movies). She was very specific in what she wanted. I told her as gently as I could that I didn't think we'd be able to afford that. And my Ex took that opportunity to be the "fun parent" and said in a doting voice "Oh baby don't worry, Daddy will get you your cake." She was all smiles and ran off to get her bags.

I told him if he was going to promise this to order it early, cuz bakeries require advance order. He got all huffy and said he "knew what the f*ck [he] was doing" and I should mind my business. I said anything involving our daughter IS my business. He said he didn't need my help, and I should just handle the birthday party and he'd get the cake. I said okay then they left for the weekend.

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