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Mom asks if she was wrong to tell friend her kids ‘don’t have boundaries.’

Mom asks if she was wrong to tell friend her kids ‘don’t have boundaries.’

There are a lot sacrifices parents make to the comfort of their lives and sleep schedules the second they have children, but setting particular boundaries with kids for when they can demand your attention can vary among parents...

Does the bathroom have an open-door policy for the whole family to barge in at any moment regardless of who is in there, or is there an unspoken rule that everyone must knock before entering? Do you allow your children to sleep in your bed whenever you want, or are you strict about everyone sleeping in their own beds every night? Some parents put a higher value on certain rules or boundaries in there household, but as long as everyone is safe and loved, it's usually best to keep your parenting judgements to yourself.

So, when a frustrated mom decided to consult Reddit's "Am I the as*hole?" about a conflict she got into with a fellow mom about how their children respect privacy in the bathroom, people were eager to weigh in.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) for telling my friend “It's not my fault that I have boundaries with my kids”?

Like many people who want kids, I had grand ideas about what kind of parent I’d be when I had kids. Only a few things actually stuck and one was, I wasn’t forfeiting peeing in peace. When my kids became toddler age and could understand, I told them unless they’re bleeding or the house is on fire, don’t bother me in the bathroom.

Anything else can wait. It did take a few times of the door jiggling or them passing me things but eventually they stopped and learned the boundary. (Equal respect, I don’t go in the bathroom when they’re using it once they can use the toilet on their own)

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