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Mom cuts daughter living in trailer with three kids out of $2 million dollar will.

Mom cuts daughter living in trailer with three kids out of $2 million dollar will.


Making financial decisions in the face of death is a heavy task, and it's even more burdensome when your plan is at direct odds with what the rest of the family wants.

The question of who people 'should' leave money to can get complicated quick, every family is different and philosophies around money and support vary widely.

Suffice it to say, the question of inheritance is one that often brings up big feelings.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she's wrong for leaving her money to charity instead of her daughter.

She wrote:

AITA for wanting to leave my money to charity and not my daughter?

I (58F) have stage 4 cancer, about a year left. I'm going to be leaving behind about $2M and have decided to take one last vacation and give the rest to charity.

My husband (Bill 66M) is in good health, but he will be set financially and we have decided together that he doesn't need the money. I do have a daughter (Amity 29F) and a son (Caleb 24M).

She has 3 kids (14 and 1yo twins) and Bill thinks I should leave her half of the money. He says she could use it and that would still amount to a million for charity. However, I don't really want to give the money to my daughter.

She had her son at 15 and because she was in high school Bill and I ended up raising him until he was 7. We also paid for Amity's college. My reasoning is that we have already given her childcare for seven years and college.

So she already received the payout from us even though I was alive and well at the time. Though it seems Bill already told Amity we'd help her out and she was getting half the inheritance.

I had to correct her and tell her I'm not giving her or her brother any money. This has been blowing up the family. Amity was furious because she says she's in a bad financial place and she can't believe I'm not helping her even though I could.

Bill understands where I'm coming from but says Amity is living in a trailer and I could at least help her out. I already did help her, but AITA if I don't include her in the will?

Edit to clarify: Bill is going to leave everything to the children/grandchildren when he passes. Caleb hasn't done anything, but they will both be getting money regardless.

People had a lot of questions, comments, and hot takes about the situation.

No_Pianist_1334 wrote:

YTA. I'm voting this way because I think you really resent your daughter for getting pregnant at 15. She made a mistake. She didn't rob a bank.

maroongrad wrote:

YTA. When a kid has a kid at 15, it's not the kid's fault, or at least not mostly. It's a parenting fail to not provide birth control (preferably long-term), guidance, and some coaching on how to handle pressure in a relationship.

At the VERY least, it was YOUR choice to keep and raise the kid rather than abort, adopt, place with family, place with the FATHER'S family, etc.

So you screwed her over when she was a teen, but at least you did pay for college and stepped up to raise him. And why are you not, at the very least, putting it in trust funds for the grandkids?

Even if you don't care about what happens to Amity, what about your grandbabies? Are they supposed to pay for her not making you happy?

CrystalQueen3000 wrote:

It might be unpopular but YTA. You have the opportunity to ensure your daughter, son and grandkids have a financially secure future in a climate where things are hard and getting harder.

You’re keeping a scorecard of previous parenting are patting yourself on the back and consider your parenting done. Ultimately it’s your money and your decision, I just think it’s the wrong one.

StAlvis wrote:

INFO: 'She had her son at 15 and because she was in high school Bill and Iended [sic] up raising him until he was 7.' 'I had to correct her and tell her I'm not giving her or her brother any money.'

OK, so you're super resentful of your daughter. Cool, cool, cool, got it. But: What the f*ck did Caleb ever do?!?

Also, is Bill these children's father, or not? You seem to weirdly dance around ever establishing that with your word choice.

Batticon wrote:

YTA. I get it’s your money and whatever, but I can’t imagine bypassing my own children when I have a mass of wealth I’ll be losing after I’m dead.

Also you resent your underaged child for getting pregnant. That was your failing as a parent. She was a kid.

Clearly, no one is on OP's side, even her husband.

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