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Omarosa hints someone in the White House is 'sleeping around with everyone.'

Omarosa hints someone in the White House is 'sleeping around with everyone.'


If you time traveled to the year 2004 and told Americans that Donald Trump would be president, and Omarosa Manigault would be the White House Director of Communications, you would've been laughed to the bank.

But alas, here we are, with Trump as president, and Omarosa as a former White House employee now living her life on Celebrity Big Brother.

On the Friday episode of Celebrity Big Brother, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alumni Brandi Glanville asked Omarosa, "Did you ever sleep with him?"

When Glanville was asked to clarify who she was referring to, she answered, "Trump."

"Hell no! Of course not. Brandi, that’s horrible," Omarosa replied.

She then went on to hint that another woman in the White House has been sleeping around.

"I’m not...there’s somebody in the White House that’s sleeping around with everybody. But she is not me, I’ve never had to do that," Omarosa said.

Despite being nudged both by Glanville and the voyeuristic curiosity of Americans across the country, Omarosa declined to name names.

Glanville, however, went on to muse that she'd heard Trump had slept with a handful of Celebrity Apprentice contestants. In the spirit of Omarosa, Glanville also didn't name names.

"But you never heard my name did you?” Omarosa asked. “No,“ Glanville replied. “He seemed to like you so much, I was just wondering.”

“God no,” Omarosa emphasized, “I’m just ratings gold.”

It looks like there's yet another mystery for the American people to crack open.

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