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Paramedics baffled by neighbor's sh*tty note: 'move your van from outside my house.'

Paramedics baffled by neighbor's sh*tty note: 'move your van from outside my house.'


It's reasonable to assume that most, let's say 98% of the population understands that paramedics are hardworking people who set out to save lives daily. Despite the obviousness of this statement, there is still a stubborn 2% of the population who would rather place their temporary comfort over people's actual lives.

On Sunday morning a crew of paramedics from the West Midlands Ambulance Service in the UK were greeted with a rude message from a neighbor of their emergency caller.

The angry note was left on the ambulance while the paramedics were busy responding to the emergency call. Naturally, they felt both baffled and frustrated by the lack of consideration for the existential nature of their job.

The alarmingly selfish note reads:

"If this van is for anyone but number 14 then you have no right to be parked here. I couldn't give a shit if the whole street collapsed. Now move your van from outside my house!"

Apparently, the rude neighbor not only left the mega grumpy note, but berated the paramedics with verbal abuse as well.

Several other emergency responders posted their solidarity with the workers on Twitter.

While others on Twitter chimed in to say how much they appreciate emergency responders and the crucial work they do.


Hopefully everyone on the scene came home to a hot pot of tea and a spread of delicious biscuits, because being rude to emergency responders is absolute nonsense.

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