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Parent 'furious' at daycare staff for not maintaining daughter's nap schedule.

Parent 'furious' at daycare staff for not maintaining daughter's nap schedule.


Creating a consistent sleep schedule for a young child is truly a science. Just because kids need a lot of sleep to grow, doesn't mean they want to cooperate at bedtime, or even that their busy brains will let them knock out at the same time consistently.

This schedule can get harder to maintain when kids start going to daycare, where workers are often overloaded with a myriad of children's needs. As a parent, it can be tricky to find the balance between advocating for your child and being realistic about what different forms of childcare offer.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a parent asked if they were wrong for getting upset with the daycare's lack of attention to their kid's nap time.

They wrote:

AITA for getting into a dispute with the daycare staff over my child's nap schedule?

Background info: I'm a working parent who values the importance of a consistent sleep schedule for my child. I've always been specific with the daycare staff about my child's nap schedule and needs and it's important for her health and happiness to have a consistent routine. My child (let's call her Emma) has been attending daycare for a few months now.

I noticed that her nap schedule was being disrupted and I couldn't figure out why. I suspected the daycare staff were not following my instructions properly. I decided to set up a meeting with the daycare director to discuss my concerns.

During the meeting, I found out that the staff were not adhering to Emma's nap schedule and were instead trying to make all the children nap at the same time, regardless of their individual needs.

I was furious and expressed my disappointment in the staff's lack of attention to my child's needs. Now, the daycare staff are mad at me and the director thinks I am overreacting.

I feel that my child's well-being and development are being compromised and I am not being heard. Now the daycare staff are expecting an apology. Did I go too far here?

People were pretty direct with their thoughts about OP.

Stranger0nReddit wrote:

YTA. Surely you were given information about the nap schedule when you enrolled. Most daycares do not cater to each child's personal nap routine.

They do one nap time for all and families have to just accept and adjust to that if they want to stay with that facility.

Sinsemilla_Street wrote:

YTA. If you have a very strict nap schedule, then hire a private nanny who will follow it. The daycare staff and all the children they watch are already used to a set schedule. You can't come in and expect everyone to change things around and adapt to a schedule you came up with for your child.

FiannaBurning wrote:

YTA Your child is going to be on the same schedule as everyone else at the daycare. If you want a nanny who will adhere to your wants, shell out the cash for a nanny - and pay them a proper wage.

Otherwise, apologize and deal with it. Your child's future isn't going to be ruined because of a different nap schedule. As long as they get the proper amount of sleep, they'll be fine.

Careless_Pick814 wrote:

Former childcare worker. Toddler rooms cannot have multiple nap times. Your expectations are not reasonable. If you want a specific schedule you need to have a private nanny. YTA.

the_owl_syndicate wrote:

YTA. I'm about to die laughing. Over the years, I've worked at a variety of schools and daycares and parents kill me.

You are reminding me of a parent whose son had celiacs and was lactose intolerant and therefore needed a specific meal plan. No problem, we were more than happy to provide him with gluten-free food and oat milk.

We also took the playdough out of the room since playdough has a wheat base and had caused a reaction in the past. No playdough in a pre-k classroom is sad, but we did it to keep that kid safe. (Seriously, look up the ingredients.)

Well, the food provided by the program was not good enough for this parent, so you know what she wanted the teachers to do? The same minimum wage teachers whose kids qualified for the low-income pre-k their parents worked at?

She wanted us - the teachers - to buy the food he liked instead. For the record, we fed them breakfast, lunch, and a snack everyday, five days a week. And she wanted the teachers to provide that food out of our own pockets.

Thankfully our center supervisor laughed in her face. I hope the center director laughed in your face too. Do you really expect them to adhere to your schedule instead of the other way around?

Depending on the size, they could have 15 or more kids, no way are they going to follow 15 schedules. They have one schedule that includes meals, lessons, breaks and naps, and all the kids will follow that schedule, including your kid.

Clearly, the internet agrees that OP is being That Parent, and hopefully, this consensus is a gentle wakeup call.

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