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Parkland teens troll their new backpacks with the thing that scares conservatives the most.

Parkland teens troll their new backpacks with the thing that scares conservatives the most.


If there's one thing that scares conservatives more than the outspoken survivors of the gun massacre in Parkland, Florida, it's the female reproductive system—and students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are trolling the new rules by combining the two.

In place of an assault weapons ban to prevent gun violence, students at Douglas High are now forced to carry clear backpacks.

There's already an Instagram account dedicated to how students are trolling this cosmetic solution with memes.

As Douglas senior and March for Our Lives organizer Delaney Tarr tweeted, the new uniform is a a "good ol’ violation of privacy!"

Especially around that time of the month.

The monthly shedding of the uterine lining is devastatingly stigmatized, as women are asked to go to great lengths to hide the fact that they're bleeding. Tampons are taxed as "luxury items," and many men struggle to say the P-word.

Clear backpacks make tampons and other menstrual goodies impossible to hide, putting women in an uncomfortable place.

That's why March for Our Lives and Never Again founder Cameron Kasky is standing in solidarity with the women, filling his clear backpack up with Tampax.

The one experience purchasing tampons has made Kasky woke to just how sh*tty it is to be a person with a period.

He's bloody right.


The students got the clear backpacks for free, which is a strange allocation of resources.

"We should hand these to the NRA for their blood money," this caption reads.

Some confident dudes are taking the opportunity to show off their own drug store products.

If there is to be any positive change from this "band-aid" solution, hopefully it could at least end the stigma around periods...

Or at least teach men how annoyingly expensive they are.

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