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15 people share the Christmas gifts they can't wait to give.

15 people share the Christmas gifts they can't wait to give.


'Tis the season of giving!

There's truly nothing better than knowing someone so well that you absolutely nail it on a gift. The holidays can be stressful when it comes to shopping and it's pretty tempting to phone it in and go for the standard cash or gift card.

If you're a thoughtful, creative gift giver and you think of a perfect gift for Christmas, the hardest part is waiting until you get to finally watch the person you love open it!

When a recent Reddit user asked, 'What awesome holiday gift did you get someone that you can’t tell them about yet but want to brag about?' people were ready to share! Get ready to feel pretty guilty about your chocolate bar and socks combo, these people aren't messing around when it comes to Christmas.

1. This is adorable, 'emirja.'

My fiancé’s grandma makes these really labor intensive stockings whenever someone enters the family (birth/marriage), and she just finished mine after a year of working on it.

No one in the nearly 40 years that she has been making these has ever made her one, so she’s the only one in the family who doesn’t have one. She has no clue that while she’s been making mine, I’ve been making one for her for Christmas this year!

2. A+, 'sunsetlemon.'

My nan loves doing jigsaw puzzles and my nan's cat loves ruining said puzzles by pulling them off the table and generally being a nuisance. I took a picture of her cat laying on a puzzle she was doing a little while ago and had a puzzle made of that picture!

3. Oh my god, 'fold_equity.'

I have a baby grand piano being delivered on the 23rd for my wife. She has wanted one since we have been married (7 years) and I have said “someday” for a while. She has been taking lessons again (since childhood) for 1.5 years and is getting good.

I “hid” funds for a couple months to pay for it and had to take a day off work to go look at one 100 miles away.

Also, she is picking up her Mom and brother from the airport the day of delivery so it’ll be in our living room as a surprise when she gets back. She’s going to a party tonight so I’m going to wrap some decoy presents and place them under the tree. She’s 7 months pregnant with our first child so I wanted to blow it out this year.

4. I'm crying, 'loves_spain.'

My grandpa has dementia. Prior to that time, he was really into genealogy (it's something his own father was into as well). I got him a family tree sculpture that has small photo frames, and I've gone through old family photos and had the best ones professionally printed, and I've put them into this sculpture.

It goes as far back as to the first photos that his father took with their first camera. So not only are there photos of the whole family, but you get to see how technology has improved over time too. He may not remember what he said five minutes ago, but he loves to talk about the past and I really hope he loves this gift.

5. AMAZING, 'PhilosophersPants.'

We’re surprising our kids (14 and 11) on Christmas morning. We’ll open all the presents, have cinnamon rolls, etc. Then drop the old “oh, there’s one more present hiding back there.” It will be snorkeling gear... (?). Then we’ll tell them to pack their bags because we’re leaving for Hawaii in 4 hours. Should be epic.

6. AHHHH, 'RacerM53.'

My brother loves the office but is upset that its leaving hulu. So I got the complete series for him and got it signed by steve carrell

7. This is amazing, 'altusvires.'

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer around Thanksgiving. Because of her chemo treatments, she’s too weak to travel, and all of us kids live in different cities now. (Four siblings, some married, some with our own babies).

What she doesn’t know is that we’re all going to fly down and show up at her house so we can all spend Christmas Day together, grandbabies and all! I’m so excited, and it’s going to be hard to keep it a surprise!

On top of us all coming, we’re also going to recreate a photo from our childhood. She made us all matching plaid outfits and posed us for a picture - twenty years ago! EDIT: Thank you all so much for the awards and nice comments! Not to mention all the good advice!

First, don’t worry, we won’t be “ambushing” her with guests and germs all at once! I’ll be arriving a week earlier to help clean, cook, etc. My dad and sister live with her, and will help out, too. My husband, my other sister, brother, and his wife and baby will all arrive at different times leading up to the big day! And we all made sure to get our flu shots!

I was second-guessing our big surprise, because I was worried about how sick and weak she’ll be feeling. But all your positivity reminded me how happy she’ll be to have all of us together, even just for one day! We’ll take good care of her, she won’t need to lift a finger! And yes, I’ll do my best to remember to post the re-creation picture later!

8. Aw! 'danielle8088.'

My sister is away teaching English in another country. Her pet Cockatiel sadly passed away this year. I got her a small geometric Cockatiel charm and gold chain necklace. I bought it in August and is my favorite gift this year.

Also my mom wanted 20 cheap storage bins to stack her shoes in and I wrapped each one individually with random doodads in every single one.

9. STOP THE TEARS, 'peytonstone3.'

my grandpa passed away last year around christmas and its been really hard on my whole family because we were all very close to him. my sister always watches old videos of him because she loves to hear his voice.

So i got her personalized teddy bear dressed like him (flannel, glasses, mustache) with a recording inside that plays a voicemail that he had left her that says “keep this thought with you; your grandfather, michael, adores you”. it plays whenever you hug it and i cant wait until she sees it!!

10. Yes! '2WoW4Me.'

My girlfriend never treats herself at all and doesn’t enjoy shopping for clothes and accessories. She only has one small purse that’s going on 6-7 years old. I was in Italy last month and while I was in Florence I stopped in Benheart, a super highly recommended shop, and got her a new one that’s a similar style/colour.

She doesn’t like when people spend money on her so she’ll flip her lid a little, in a good way.

11. A+, 'PM_ME_UR_TRIVIA.'

My moms coming from the west coast to visit me in Vermont for the first time. What she doesn’t know is that I’m meeting her at the airport and we’re going to Ireland, which is her bucket list destination.

12. So cute! 'ButternutSquawk.'

I symbolically adopted a sloth through WWF in my best friends name (her favorite animal). It comes with a little stuffed sloth in the mail and an adoption certificate.

13. This is so good, 'CarmenSanDiego00.'

I bought my parents a star chart of the night they were married. They were 17 and told they could never make it and over 35 years later they still love each other so much and I wanted to commemorate that day for them

13. All hail weighted blankets! 'dannyr.'

My wife is an insomniac and doesn't get to sleep until 3am some nights. She will lie there for hours and just can't nod off. I've got her a weighted blanket which is said to help people with anxiety and also insomnia.

Everyone I've spoken to who has one has said how wonderful they are, so my fingers are firmly crossed she loves it.

14. This is so beautiful, 'DivineMrsM.'

My dad died 4 years ago. Right after the funeral, I snagged all his plaid button down shirts (10 of them!) and have spent the last few weeks turning them into a quilt for my mother.

I had hoped to do it sooner, but a lot of life happened in the interim and it was just too painful for me to work on it for a while. But I’m finishing up the binding this week and it will be ready by Christmas. I’m so excited (and terrified) to give it to her.

15. Yay! 'ch1ck_norr1s.'

My mom is German but has lived in the states for as long as I've been alive. Her favorite breakfast is coffee and some sort of danish. It's a German thing. I found an authentic German bakery in a different city and got loads of German baked goods for her.

Now if I could just find a place that sells authentic German chocolate I could give her the happiest Christmas she's had in years.

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