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People respond to post about interrupting 'wannabe Instagram models' on vacation.

People respond to post about interrupting 'wannabe Instagram models' on vacation.


We are living in the peak social media era.

People of all ages are spending more screen time on average than ever before. In 2019, as many as 86% of young people listed 'influencer' as one of their top job aspirations.

The ability to share and curate our lives digitally is powerful.

You can find community, educate yourself, and build global friendships. And yes, in some rare instances, regular people can also go viral and find themselves in a new world of opportunity.

But the influx of professional influencers and aspiring influencers has its downsides for public life, the most obvious is the overcrowding of phone cameras and makeshift photo shoots at any given historical site.

Given this reality, it's unsurprising how many people resonated with a post on the Petty Revenge subreddit, where the OP shared how they now walk right through people's social media photo shoots.

OP wrote:

I am currently on holiday and my new favourite pastime is having no patience for Instagram wannabe models​​​​​​.

I am in a very beautiful and historic country and my new limit is two pictures before I’ll walk into the shot! Yesterday a couple set a camera on a tripod with a timer going for 5 minutes whilst people around them tried to avoid their twirl shots.

Not me, I just walked in front of the camera and read the materials about the beautiful palace gardens, she asked me if I would move out of her shot, I said nope. I’ve been doing this for a few days now and it feels f**king great TBH.

You get to take a picture, you don’t get to ruin everyone else’s visit!

And to those of you that have a problem: They have a right to be there and take pictures, they just don’t have more of a right than anyone else.

People were quick to commiserate with OP, and share their own methods of protest.

TheProphecyIsNigh wrote:

I live in SoCal and the amount of people on hiking trails or at the beach that setup a photoshoot and expect us all to go around them is too many.

FWS1973 wrote:

Had this happen at a packed resort I was staying at over Thanksgiving. My daughter was playing in the waterfall in the pool she is 10. Some lady walks up to her and tells her she needs to leave because she's making a Tik-Tok.

I was on a lounge chair about 15 feet away. She comes over and said that lady made her leave to shoot a video. I grabbed her and went back to the waterfall and sat with her.

The lady told, not asked, me to leave. I said 'nope, it is the middle of the day. It is packed. If you want to get a video by yourself, do it in the morning when the pool is empty.'

She kept going but I just turned away and started asking my daughter questions. She gave up after that.

Alpaca_Tasty_Picnic wrote:

Yes! If you want a picture with no other people in it, then get up at the crack of dawn and do it then! I bumped into two people doing this at 7am in Seattle (outside the market).

I was up stupid early because of jet lag and they wanted a shot in the middle of the road. They weren't in anybody's way and got to do several poses before even one car came along.

okeydokeyish wrote:

I was on a tour of the Louvre and there was a family that parked themselves in front of every work of art to take every possible combination of group or paired picture they could with their group of six in front of that work.

Monopolizing every stop and we only had a few minutes at each before moving on. So after a few snaps, I stepped in front of the work to take my pic. They were pissed. LOL. They seemed to think they were the only group on this tour.

EwanHuzami wrote:

I work on a very pretty yacht which spends most of its time in one of the most expensive marinas in the Mediterranean. Ruining influencer's photos is one of my favourite sports.

Weirdly they are not so keen on being in a photo with a cigarette smoking captain with an inch of arse crack on display.

awesomeenuf wrote:

I’m a New Yorker. I’ve been practicing this for years. Sorry, the city doesn’t shut down because you’re visiting and trying to post about it. I still have to get to work.

wanderingdev wrote:

Ugh. F*ck people like that. When I was in Angkor Wat we were on the same route as a tour bus from a certain country that has a terrible reputation for having 0 manners. At every place you'd want to take a pic they occupied the spot the entire time.

In their hot pink matching shirts and hats, taking dozens and dozens of photos in groups and individually. Finally, at one stop, the 3 girls I was with and I ran ahead to the most popular place to take a photo.

We stood there for about 30 minutes taking pics of each other in different poses and combos. no one from that group got to take a solo pic there, we were in all of them. Their guide kept complaining.

I was like 'this is what you've been doing to every other person here, so suck it up. After that, we asked our driver to change routes to get away from them. And no, there was no one outside of that group that we were blocking.

Clearly, OP's post struck a chord with a lot of people. Which brings us to the question: where do you stand on walking through an influencer's photo?

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