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People share the current parenting trends they hate the most.

People share the current parenting trends they hate the most.


Raising a kid into a healthy and functional adult is an incredibly difficult task. Not only do you have to care for yourself, but food on the table and a roof over your head, but you also have to consider the delicate brain development of a new person.

Even the happiest and most confident parents have days where they doubt themselves, and look to others for guidance and advice on how to best raise their kids. Parenting books fly off the shelves and trends circulate promising healthy happy children and parents.

Of course, with every good nugget of advice, there's a corresponding trend we later pinpoint as toxic or not based on substantial evidence.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared their least favorite parenting 'trends' and why they want them to die in a fire.

KieshaK can't stand the helicopter parents of adult children:

Parents who are way too involved in their adult children’s lives. Your kid is 23, you don’t need to call his boss to talk about anything unless your kid is dead.

Bon_yaqwq bemoaned our 'compare and despair' parenting culture:

Stop comparing your kid with other kids when you are disappointed at them for not achieving your expectations.

EarhornJones thinks more parents need to normalize failure:

Never letting them fail. I see young people who enter the workforce having never failed at anything, because their parents simply swooped in and fixed whatever problem they may have had.

These young people have a real struggle adapting to and overcoming problems, and they often seem traumatized by virtually any setback.

Let your kids try stuff that isn't going to work. Let them fail to solve problems and achieve goals. When they get into a bind, let them struggle and fail. Help them to understand why they failed, and to develop strategies to succeed in the future.

TheClayroo thinks more parents need to embrace 'no' as a sentence.

Parents who won't use 'no' with their kids.

Mr_Prophet_22 wishes parents kept their kids' secrets.

Sharing their children's problems to their friends. Parents should be trusted by their kids of keeping their problems. Maybe that's the reason why most kids and even teens don't share their problems to their parents but to their friends.

jackfaire thinks public shaming needs to end.

Publicly shaming their kids. Often for not doing something they'd never expect another adult to do.

bison_johnston hates destruction as punishment.

Destroying their children’s electronics as a punishment.

GabeNewellExperience believes in the power of apologies.

Never saying sorry to your children. Not really a trend though because this has basically always been like this.

Keldonv7 thinks kids need time to ride bikes again.

Parents trying to create golden children by enrolling it in thousands of extra activities, something musical, tutoring on STEM subjects from first year of school, some sports activity, etc. To the point where the child is basically on double shift with school and all extra activities on an extremely tight schedule.

Kids are missing out on becoming independent from young age like riding bikes around or using public transportation because helicopter mommy drives them from activity to activity all day to meet a tight schedule. They are robbed out of their childhood and usually create only shallow relationships with people they met during activities but don't have time to expand on them.

ghostthingz thinks the world of TikTok mommy bloggers is horrifying.

Tiktok mommy bloggers.

There's a huge spike of mommy bloggers on Tiktok. Especially, mommy bloggers who are posting videos of their babies in the bath, in swimsuits, or in their diapers. When people comment like 'uhhhh maybe you should take this down, there are pedophiles online.' The moms blow up and accuse everyone of being a pervert by 'sexualizing her baby.'

But the moms are yelling at the concerned people! Not the pedophiles! I can't remember the account name but the situation was f**king horrifying. For some context for non-Tiktok users, the amount of shares/saves/bookmarks on posts is public. Also, if you're popular enough, Tiktok pays you per view/interaction/save, so a lot of content creators get money from Tiktok.

On this mommy blog, the vids of her daughter in her swimsuit or in the bath had about 5x as many saves/bookmarks. At first, when people pointed this out, mom ignored it. Then she called anyone who mentioned it a p*rvert. Then she said she can't stop ped*philes from coming to her account so she can't do anything about it.

Then people were like 'wait, you agree that ped*philes are watching this? And you keep making videos? Aren't you basically making CP at this point?' Then it was just a whole sh*t show from there. She's still up and running.

I feel like this shouldn't be a controversial take, but if you're profiting off of pedophiles watching your baby in the bath, you learn that's what's happening, and you continue to make videos of your baby in the bath to make money from ped*philes. Congrats, you have become a child porn peddler.

Opportunity-Horror hates the competition around birthing.

The parents that say “real” moms don’t have c sections. That needs to stop.

webofhorrors thinks parents need to teach their kids table manners.

I work as a waitress and I notice some parents allowing their children to do whatever they like in a public place and then not cleaning up after them or apologizing. No, it’s not my job to clean your child’s mess, it’s yours. You don’t come to a cafe just so you don’t have to clean up.

I am talking food all over the floor, opening up sugar packets and throwing them everywhere, taking clean cutlery setup for patrons who need to use it and throwing it everywhere and leaving it like that…no. Just no.

Gullible-Lobster-590 hates it when parents let screens watch their kids.

Shoving tablets in their face instead of doing things with them.

spwf hates 'pranks' on kids.

Scaring their kids as a prank, regardless of whether it’s filmed or not, before the children can comprehend what a prank even is

“Let me put on this scary monster mask and jump out in front of my toddler.'

tire_falafel doesn't think treating kids like they're 'perfect' helps them.

Treating your child like they were perfect and blaming everyone else for your child's and your f*ck ups. Oh, and taking your child's side no matter what, even if they're wrong.

PAdogooder thinks parenting trends as a concept need to be over.

ALL of them. There is no trend or even broad tactic that will work on every kid. They need to know that love is unconditional but respect is not. That they have rights and responsibilities.

They have to know they are the most important thing in the world until they believe, and then you have to dial that back to where they understand that their parents love them but they are one member of a bigger society.

Parenting is hard, and every kid needs to be parented different. Every parenting trend is just one more layer of bulls**t trying to sell you stuff based on your fear of inadequacy.

Talk to your kids and put the phone down.

What do you think? Are there any toxic or unuseful parenting trends missing from this list?

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