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People share the current scandals in their niche communities.

People share the current scandals in their niche communities.


Who among us doesn't love a scandal?

Digging into a juicy story can be entertaining and cathartic, so long as it's not directly tied to our lives. And if there's anything this chaotic world provides in spades, it's scandal.

While the world of politics and celebrity gossip gives us plenty to speculate on, some of the most fascinating scandals take place within niche communities.

In a popular post on Ask Reddit, the OP asked this question: 'What scandal is currently happening in the world of your niche interest that the general public would probably have no idea about?'

As you can guess, the answers got real juicy and real weird, real quick.

robotbasketball shared the scandal of the African Violet seller:

A major African Violet seller has been shipping out plants with INSV (Impatiens necrotic spot virus). There's no cure, you have to destroy the plant. It spreads through sap, so bugs or improper sanitation can spread it throughout a collection.

This has a big impact for smaller sellers and people who show plants in competitions, as their collections can be worth huge amounts of money and effort.

A lot of the drama revolves around the fact that the company is aware of this, and it's felt not enough is being done to find and dispose of infected plants in the greenhouses.

vickumythy shared the shadiness of their grandma's 'fall alert' necklace:

My grandmother's 'fall alert' which is supposed to be a medical device that's like a necklace worn around her neck which calls emergency contacts if it detects she has fallen over, can receive phone calls.

Now she has telemarketers calling her on this emergency thing trying to sell her $1000 medical devices. Who the F sold the list of contact numbers for senior's emergency fall devices?

StarClutcher's sheriff was moonlighting as a real estate scammer:

Former sheriff quickly went to early retirement after it was discovered that he and the sheriff before him were buying and selling police seized homes for personal profit.

Publius_Romanus has the hobby lobby tea:

The (former) head of Oxford's papyrus collection stole some Biblical papyri and sold them to the Hobby Lobby people (and may have lied about their dates to make them seem older than they are).

SundaColugoToffee shared the R-rated Irish dance scandal:

Judges of Irish Dance competitions were caught trading s*x acts for scores. 'Arse in the air' is the new catchphrase of the entire organization - thanks to one judge's particularly graphic text messages.

To be clear, the s*x acts were traded (as far as I have seen reported) between judges, teachers and the like. Children benefited.

AllTheSport2812 shared Area 51 drama:

Guy who runs the most prolific Area 51 website got raided by the Feds. For the record, I don't think there are aliens there or that aliens crashed in NM in 1947. But I'm very curious what he did come across that garnered that response.

PinkestDream wrote about why a figure skater's team should be on thin ice:

Figure skater Kamila Valieva is facing a 4-year ban for a doping violation that came out at the 2022 Olympics, but her coaches and doctors will most likely face no consequences even though everyone knows they're the responsible party.

It's a state-sponsored program and the other skaters from that team were more than likely also on similar drug cocktails, including the gold medalist Anna Shcherbakova.

Specialist_Crew_6112 had a true crime level of scandal:

I work in special needs education.

A special needs advocate my company works with most likely helped her son cover up the murder of his ex-girlfriend as well as helping him dismember her and hide her scattered remains.

The son was arrested but charged police with a knife as they attempted to take him into custody and was fatally shot. There's a video of this woman helping her son load black garbage bags into their car.

She was also caught texting pretty incriminating things to her other adult child but she hasn't been charged with a crime, probably because she has personal ties to the district attorney.

m00ndr0pp3d shared the UPS worker's violation:

UPS trucks come from the factory with air conditioning but they send them off to have it removed. Almost every year some drivers get heat stroke and have died.

RebuildingLostKarma got truly niche:

Yuji Naka co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog was arrested for insider trading.

endorrawitch shared a snapshot of Photoshop's new practice:

People who use Photoshop will start having to pay to use Pantone colors.

TheUnfedMind has indicting art world information:

The most influential German gallerist is accused of groping and s*xually assaulting numerous women. Also trying to get artists to sleep with him for contacts in the industry etc.

But the news article that goes into further detail about the scandal is behind a paywall so I assume it will be soon forgotten about. Abuse of power comes as no surprise.

thundermonkeyms shared the jazz-world scandal:

A few months to a year ago, but a popular jazz club in my city has been allowing a well-known drug dealer to operate freely on the premises for years.

Other clubs in the city have banned him for trying to slip goody bags into the pockets of older masters who are known to be recovering from addiction.

But this one club refuses to even acknowledge that he's a dealer, and the musicians who go to the jam sessions are finally fed up with it. A few have gotten into very personal arguments with the owner over having a healthy environment to play.

I will not be naming and shaming though, primarily because this was a few months to a year ago and I don't know if they've straightened out their sh*t (I stopped going). In case they have, calling down the wrath of the internet on a club won't help.

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