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This psychology teacher's rant against pomegranates has changed Twitter forever.

This psychology teacher's rant against pomegranates has changed Twitter forever.


Normally, context is everything. But there are times when a lack of context is really, truly, everything we didn't know we needed. Such is the case with the viral video of a psychology teacher's deeply passionate rant against pomegranates.

Before I ruin it with context, please watch this gorgeous rant. woman's passion could convince me to do, or not do, anything. We need this woman on the front lines fighting for climate change policies, gun reform, single payer healthcare, all of it. Just, yes.

Unsurprisingly, people on Twitter were forever transformed by the conviction of this anti-pomegranate rant. Still, a lot of them had questions.

Such as, why does this woman hate pomegranates so much?! Is there a deathly allergy?! Do they symbolize an emotional trauma?! What is the deal?

As it turns out, the impassioned and Oscar award level rant was a planned part of a developmental psychology lecture.

The professor was giving students a primer on how certain forms of instruction (ranting/yelling) can inform kids as they grow up. For a child, consistent impassioned rants against pomegranates may cause a hatred of the fruit that's linked to the negative experience of yelling, rather than the juicy snack itself. Brainwashing 101.

Even with the context, Twitter couldn't stop obsessing over the teacher's A+ delivery of the message.

It wouldn't be surprising if this woman's background includes some acting training.

For better or worse, this rant has placed visions of juicy, delicious pomegranates in the minds of Twitter users everywhere.

The pomegranate hating professor won some ride or die fans, too.

A fellow student also alluded to an upcoming kiwi talk.

Hopefully, this lecture makes it onto Twitter as well. That is, if it's half as riveting as the anti-pomegranate manifesto.

I'll be just sitting here, patiently waiting for the kiwi video to emerge. In the meantime, it'll be a challenge to look at pomegranates the same.

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