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15 people share the hobbies they consider a red flag.

15 people share the hobbies they consider a red flag.


When we think of hobbies, we generally think of wholesome activities like knitting, or painting.

The idea of a hobby as a 'red flag' is counterintuitive to the way that hobbies are often framed as innocent activities that good-natured grandmas partake in.

However, in a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the hobbies they consider a red flag, and it's illuminating.

1. From Samhamwitch:

My old roommate used to go out driving on rainy days specifically to splash pedestrians. That seems pretty red flaggy to me.

2. From cadrina:

There was a post of a guy that was angry at his mother because her hobby was to find random people on the net, find everything about them and message them about it.

3. From LowThreadCountSheets:

Dog fighting.

4. From rayrayrayray:

I saw a post yesterday here about a guy that uses real mouse hearts and testicles and places them in a clear resin cast lego man. I dont know what that is, but red flag.

5. From BlotOutTheSun:

'I'm just really into Hitler.'

6. From NerdyBernie:

Adopting too many kids/animals. Especially when you can't afford them.

7. From Manateefan01:


8. From SuvenPan:

Family vlogging. Family vlogging completely violates children's privacy. Using kids to shore up your own online presence is not ok.

9. From praizeDaSun:

Collecting blood slides. My friend had one next to his table next to his ac unit. When I asked him about he gave me this weird smile and claimed it was for work. I never had beers with him since.

10. From D-Rez:

Guy who spends hours each week on IG, commenting, liking and DM'ing random models they never met.

11. From tocilog:

I'm pretty wary of anyone that push other people to turn their hobby into a money making hustle.

12. From Ecstatic-Stranger401:


13. From PresidentHurg:

If a person is so preoccupied with their social media that this person hasn't has time to actually live and communicate in the moment. It's fine if you can communicate about it and make arrangements.

But I am not dating a person in a three-way relationship with Zuckerburg. I would be totally fine with a person that has to have a heavy social media presence for work. But I would want to be able to set boundaries that work for both of us.

14. From classicspoonbill:

Running an MLM or being admin (dictator) of a local area Facebook group.

15. From no_not_on_my_watch:

Someone reading a ton of philosophy can easily be a very good sign, or a massive red flag depending on what specifically they're reading so much of.

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