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People suspect that the reason Rex Tillerson was fired has everything to do with Russia.

People suspect that the reason Rex Tillerson was fired has everything to do with Russia.


There is much speculation about the mysterious circumstances surrounding Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's ouster, but one thing seems to be certain: the dude was fired over Twitter.

"Rex Tillerson found out that he was fired from the tweet from President Trump on Tuesday, according to Steve Goldstein, Undersecretary for public diplomacy," CNN's Elise Labott reported.

President Trump announced the new personnel decisions with a tweet full of exclamation marks.

Goldstein, the Undersecretary for public diplomacy, put out a complete statement, in which his anger and Trump for launching his surprise attack seeps through.

That statement must be accurate, because the White House promptly fired him, according to the Associated Press.

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But let's get back to business.

Why was Rex T. (not to be confused with T. Rex) fired?

Could it be because he called Trump a moron?

"Did you fire him because he called you a moron?" a reporter shouted.

"What?" Trump said.

She repeated the question, and Trump quickly responded, "Say it again."

People are saying that Moron-gate was a certain indication that Rex T.'s days were numbered?

But why TODAY? Could it be because yesterday, Tillerson condemned Russia for using a nerve agent to attack a former Russian spy in the UK?

Last week, former Russian double agent Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia were attacked and injected with a dangerous nerve agent that's only produced in Russia.

"We have full confidence in the UK's investigation and its assessment that Russia was likely responsible for the nerve agent attack that took place in Salisbury last week," Tillerson said in the statement, according to CNN.

"There is never a justification for this type of attack -- the attempted murder of a private citizen on the soil of a sovereign nation -- and we are outraged that Russia appears to have again engaged in such behavior. From Ukraine to Syria -- and now the UK -- Russia continues to be an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens."

Trump's reaction to the statement.
Trump's reaction to the statement.

Wow, how dare he call daddy an "irresponsible force of instability in the world"! The fact that Trump fired Tillerson a few hours later has people suspecting the two events are related.

Cool twist in the sequel to the Cold War that we don’t know what side America is on!

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