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23 ridiculously false things men believed about the female anatomy.

23 ridiculously false things men believed about the female anatomy.


Women's bodies are complicated.

Sex talks between parents and their children can be uncomfortable, and sex education in most of America is severely lacking. All I remember from high school was my teacher stretching a condom over her entire fist and telling the class, "boys, do you think you're too big for this? Always wear a condom, there's no excuse." There's nothing more intimidating than a gym teacher forced to teach sex ed with a raised fist and a passionate platform.

Most of the time, though, a lot of important information gets lost. A recent Reddit thread asked users, "Men of Reddit: what is the most incorrect thing you ever previously believed about women’s anatomy?" and the answers are, well...

If I could suggest any area to investigate more thoroughly, little boys and men seem to be very confused about the function of women's butts. Enjoy!

1. Never trust a mole.

2. Slut-shaming is wrong in all its forms.

3. Wouldn't be surprised if this was a porn genre.

4. Directions are hard.

5. It's worth the journey.

6. Nothing but the butt.

7. #Goals.

8. Oh, no.

9. Ok, clearly this is a popular problem.

10. Lord help us.

11. There's nothing there!

12. Makes sense.

13. 'Cause my body too bootylicious.

14. Ovaries are everywhere.

15. Truly a lot to unpack here.

16. Balls for everyone!

17. Horror show.

18. It's never too late to read a book!

19. Weather-influenced mini boners!

20. This would be awful.

21. Sound logic.

22. This is adorable, though.

23. If only in our dreams...

Cheers to education!

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