A Trump campaign adviser just spilled scorching hot, possibly incriminating tea on live TV.

A Trump campaign adviser just spilled scorching hot, possibly incriminating tea on live TV.

A secondary character you didn't know existed just gifted us with one of the most insane episodes in the already insane Trump-Russia saga.

Former campaign aide Sam Nunberg is currently having an epic meltdown. Nunberg was an advisor to Trump, but was fired from the campaign in July 2015 after racist social media posts of his emerged (you'd think that would have gotten him a promotion instead).

Now he is spending the afternoon calling into multiple news shows and saying he will refuse to comply with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's subpoena to appear before the grand jury.

Why? Because going through emails is tedious and annoying.

It just keeps getting weirder and weirder!

Nunberg's mentor is Roger Stone, who Mueller seems to think colluded.


He then told MSNBC's Katy Tur all about his interactions with Mueller, casually dropping that he thinks that Mueller has something on Trump:

TUR: Do you think that they have something on the president?

NUNBERG: I think they may. I think that he may have done something during the election. But I don’t know that for sure.

TUR: Why do you think that?

NUNBERG: I can’t explain that unless you were in there.

TUR: Explain the atmosphere.

NUNBERG: Uh, the way they ask questions about anything I heard after I was fired from the campaign, to the general election, to even November 1 — it insinuated to me that he may have done something.


Because it's not enough to recklessly spill tea everywhere on one cable news network, Nunberg then called into CNN. He reiterated that he thinks Mueller has something on Trump, and that it's possible that the president did something nefarious in his interactions with Russians.

He insinuated that Mueller asked him questions about Trump hosting the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, adding that oligarch Emin Agalarov offered to send women up to his room. Trump "flat-out refused," according to Nunberg.


"Trump is too smart to have women come up to his room," Nunberg says.

Is he though?

After calling into two different shows on two different networks, Nunberg still didn't ramble enough, and stuck around to tell Jake Tapper that fellow campaign advisor Carter Page colluded with the Russians.



Remember that meeting Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort took in Trump Tower with a Kremlin-connected lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton? The one Steve Bannon called "treasonous"?

Yeah, the president totally knew about that, according to Nunberg.

So, in conclusion, a former member of Trump's inner circle announced on live TV that:


1. Trump may "very well" have done something with the Russians.

2. Mueller likely suspects something about Trump.

3. A former campaign aide definitely colluded.

A Trump campaign adviser just spilled scorching hot, possibly incriminating tea on live TV.
We cut to the White House for their reaction.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nunberg's lawyers.