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20 savage grandparents that could win any roast battle.

20 savage grandparents that could win any roast battle.


When lethal, grandparents can be the most savage human beings on earth. They have decades of experience with emotionally gutting others, they've seen you defecate yourself as a slobbering baby, and they're ready to come for your ego.

Honestly, watching the bodies drop is prime entertainment when it's not us personally experiencing the sick burns that only a grandma or grandpa can inflict.

In fact, some of the savage grandparents out there could teach a master class in roasting for the rest of us inexperienced plebeians.

So, in honor of the vicious beauty of grandparents across the world, here are 20 savage grandparents that could win any roast battle.

1. This grandpa who wasn't impressed by the New Year's Eve party.

2.​​​​​ This grandma who called out what partying really is.

3. This grandma's sick phone-related burn.

4. This grandma's read receipt.

5. This grandma's feelings about her dead husband.

6. This grandma's romantic disapproval.

7. This grandma who gets straight to the point.

8. This thoroughly unimpressed grandpa.

9. This grandpa's feelings about grandma's cooking.

10. This grandma's brutal dating advice.

11. This grandma who wakes up disappointed.

12. This grandpa's hair related burn.

13. This grandpa's feelings about art.


14. This grandpa's complete read.

15. This grandpa's overt favoritism.

16. This grandma's real talk.

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17. This grandpa's Christmas realness.

18. This grandma who won't let go.

19. This grandma with an A+ crop game.

20. This grandpa's commitment to bingo.
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