The lowest-down, no-goodest, cheatingest states in America, according to Ashley Madison.

The lowest-down, no-goodest, cheatingest states in America, according to Ashley Madison.

Thank you, redditor jpopham91, for digging right into the filthy pile of data that is the ever-expanding Ashley Madison dump.

The lowest-down, no-goodest, cheatingest states in America, according to Ashley Madison.

First of all, let's talk about Alabama. It's being unfairly maligned here. As many people pointed out in response to this graph, many Ashley Madison users probably used cash gift cards to pay for those accounts. Since those don't require a real address, they probably just picked the first state on the list—good ol' Alphabetical Alabama. Once you discard that, things get a little more interesting. According to jpopham91, who made this chart, he simply cross-referenced the billing records with census data to create a per-capita ranking of paid accounts on the adultery dating site. Here are the top 10 states without Alabama (written out, in case you have trouble seeing the graph on your phone), along with how much they spent per capita:

  1. Colorado: roughly $4.50 spent on accounts per capita (I'm eyeballing it, here, and jophram didn't provide exact figures). It's the Wild West out there.
  2. District of Columbia: ~$4.30. Other than Colorado, the only area above the 4 dollar mark, and we're not surprised. Apparently almost every married man in Canada's capital city Ottawa was on the site.
  3. New Jersey: ~$3.90. The place you go after you get married and leave New York and then immediately miss your single life in New York.
  4. Connecticut: ~$3.75. See: New Jersey.
  5. Arkansas: ~$3.74. Home of Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee (friend of multiple-account-owner Josh Duggar). 
  6. Massachusetts:  ~$3.60. I'm going to go wild here and say "lots of nice Irish Catholic marriages."
  7. New York: ~$3.10. Not everyone can settle down enough to move to New Jersey or Connecticut before cheating. Also, the same thing as NJ and CT but Upstate.
  8. New Hampshire: ~$3.03. Cold, sparsely populated, everyone knows each other. Online is safe and warm.
  9. Virginia: ~$2.95. Gonna go ahead and blame this on DC, since Virginia's neighbors are so far down the list, except for...
  10. Maryland: ~$2.85. DC suburbs. 

Notice the x-axis label reads "dollars spent on Ashley Madison accounts." When you take into account that America is a pretty big place, this means some serious dough was being spent by users. I assume this figure is cumulative, because otherwise this means New York state (pop ~ 20 million) would have been paying Ashley Madison $80 million a month. That would be 4 million accounts in New York alone. Ashley Madison was successful, but it wasn't half-the-adult-men-in-the-state successful.

Also, let's give a shout-out to the 10 most faithful states: West Virginia, Mississippi, Idaho, Maine, South Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky, New Mexico, Montana and Louisiana.