Thank you, redditor jpopham91, for digging right into the filthy pile of data that is the ever-expanding Ashley Madison dump.

First of all, let's talk about Alabama. It's being unfairly maligned here. As many people pointed out in response to this graph, many Ashley Madison users probably used cash gift cards to pay for those accounts. Since those don't require a real address, they probably just picked the first state on the list—good ol' Alphabetical Alabama. Once you discard that, things get a little more interesting. According to jpopham91, who made this chart, he simply cross-referenced the billing records with census data to create a per-capita ranking of paid accounts on the adultery dating site. Here are the top 10 states without Alabama (written out, in case you have trouble seeing the graph on your phone), along with how much they spent per capita:

Sources: redditor jpopham91 | Digg