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Snowflake congressman gets a 17-year-old student suspended for swearing.

Snowflake congressman gets a 17-year-old student suspended for swearing.


In the midst of the gun violence epidemic affecting students—and members of Congress debating whether it's good or bad—one brave congressman knows what the real crisis is: cussing.

The Nevada Independent reports that 17-year-old Noah Christiansen was suspended for two days after a complaint from a congressman's staffer to his school.

Christiansen, of Nevada's 2nd Congressional District, participated in the National School Walkout for gun control and contacted GOP Congressman Mark Amodei's office, calling on lawmakers to "get off their f—ing asses" and enact legislation that would keep children safe from massacres like the one in Parkland, Florida.

On Tuesday, after the school shooting in Maryland, Christiansen's mom shared on Instagram just how insane the congressman's priorities are.

Stacie Bird posted "#FreeNoah" on Instagram, along with the damning observation, "Another school shooting today and you're worried about my kid using a cuss word."

"Being yelled at for calling my representative and trying to create change in the world is one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced," Christiansen told the American Civil Liberties Union, according to The Huffington Post. "I’ve never even had a detention before, let alone a suspension."

The ACLU blasted Amodei for "unconstitutional retaliation" against the student.

Amodei regrets nothing.

"Welcome to the world where words have impact," he told The Los Angeles Times.

Christiansen told the LA Times he plans to keep speaking up for gun control—including at the ballot box in November, when he'll be old enough to vote.

(He doesn't plan on voting for Amodei.)

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