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Watch this tantric sex couple crack up morning TV hosts and try not to laugh.

Watch this tantric sex couple crack up morning TV hosts and try not to laugh.


Are you sitting down somewhere in private?! You might want to find a nice corner away from the general public, because the subject matter of this clip is definitely NSFW. That is, unless your job is hosting This Morning, in which case it is your job to gift the rest of the internet with clips about 18-hour sexscapades between an uncomfortably happy couple.

During a TV interview on This Morning, the hosts Holly Willoughby and Scott Schofield couldn't contain their laughter when a couple described their tantric sex practice, and the 18-hour orgasms that ensue.

Scott and Melanie Mclure told the hosts how they channel their energy to achieve orgasm even when they're in separate rooms, and as you can imagine, this kept the shock and laughter coming.

It's hard to tell whether the hosts are laughing more out of deep existential discomfort or because the Mclure's account truly hit (or rubbed) their funny bone that hard. Either way, it's pretty funny to watch them fidget while this couple talks about channeling energy to achieve orgasm through hugging. Umm, does this mean horny jr-highers everywhere are covertly practicing tantric sex when they engage in NSFW hugs in the library?!

While you should truly watch and savor the full clip for yourself, there are a few standout moments.

Here are a few of the activities that cause this couple to reach orgasm: dancing, the weather (who DOESN'T get turned on by the rain), hugging (ugh), breathing (STOP), and of course, actual sex.

When asked whether their neighbors have channeled their energy to embrace the Mclure's 18-hour orgasms, Melanie responded, "We’re shocked they have not called the cops on us yet."

I mean, could you blame the neighbors if they did?! Neighbors have jobs and need sleep too.

If you're looking to ramp your sex life up to 18-hours, Scott Mclure has some hot tips for you and your sex buddy/partner/that barista you've been smizing at. It's all about connecting with your spiritual energy (aka the vibrations of your loins).

He said:

"In order to do this kind of thing, you have to be open and be connected to your emotions, your feelings, and your channel so that you can feel the energy moving through your body. That’s what makes it kind of a spiritual practice as well."

This definitely seems like a solid way to keep a marriage going, and going, and going.

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