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Teacher's post about parents yelling at kids when dropping them at school goes viral.

Teacher's post about parents yelling at kids when dropping them at school goes viral.


Being a teacher is a lot of work. You have to navigate the unique personalities and learning styles of a crop of students, manage lesson plans and grading, all while making education appealing to restless youngsters.

To add to this load, teachers are consistently underpaid, and are often expected to raise and nurture kids far outside the bounds of education. Whether consciously or subconsciously, neglectful and stressed out parents often don't consider how their lack of parenting affects a teacher's job.

If parents regularly start a kid's day by pouring stress and negativity onto them, it's only natural that the child will enter class feeling droopy and unable to focus on the lesson.

In a recent post Imgur, a stressed out teacher ranted about how negative parenting affects the kids in her classroom.

She started the post by decrying parents who start the day with criticism and strife, and reminded them that growing up and school is hard enough without critical parents.

'Listen up. If you have kids in school, make the last thing they hear from you something happy. Don't bitch at them or get on to them in the morning before they get on the matter what. It can wait until after school. The kids who are sad just have it written all over their face. It's stressful being a kid and middle school sucks for them.'

She encouraged parents to leave notes with their kid's lunch, or form new positive habits of giving affirmations before their kids board the bus.

'Kids are brutal enough so they don't need their f*cking parents giving them sh*t all the time, too. Stick a note in their lunch box or in their back pack. Tell them you love them and you hope they have a wonderful day. Tell them you're thinking about them. Tell a joke or say something funny.'

She ended the post by sharing that she consistently picks up the emotional load of kids whose parents made them sad first thing in the morning.

'I'm usually the first person they see in the morning. Some of them have been crying. If I put my arm around them and ask them 'What's up' they say they got in trouble for their outfit or their hair. Pick your f*cking battles and pick them after school.'

The post immediately made the rounds on Imgur, where commenters chimed in with their thoughts.

MalcontentTroll makes sure their daughter starts the day on a good note.

'My last words to my daughters as I drop them off at school, are usually something like ' kick ass, take names, and I love you.'

tehmaggot can attest firsthand that getting in morning fights affected their anxiety at school.

'I was one of those kids. If you want your children to do well, don't sent them to school distracted like that. Breeds anxiety and doubt.'

PudparK is a teacher and completely knows the dynamic the post refers to.

'As a teacher, I agree. Don't take out your shortcomings on your kids. Parents are late and start wailing on their kids like it their fault.'

Hopefully this post reminds a few stressed out parents the importance of ending the morning with 'I love you,' sadly though, the parents who are the most insidious culprits are unlikely to be changed by an internet post.

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