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This girl told her dad how to spell Katy Perry, instantly regrets her mistake.

This girl told her dad how to spell Katy Perry, instantly regrets her mistake.


It's easy to remember that safety is an illusion when we're locking our doors at night. However, it's much harder to keep this truth in mind when we're answering seemingly innocent text messages.

When the 24-year-old Twitter user Katie (@k8monstr93) received a text from her dad, Cliff, asking how to spell Katy Perry's name, she did her familial duty and gave him the 411.

Normally, the exchange would end after the dissemination of Perry's proper name spelling.

But no, Cliff had a specific post in mind when he asked for the pop star's details.

Apparently, just moments after texting his daughter, Cliff dedicated a Facebook post to none other than Perry's "rack."

He passionately and eloquently wrote: "Katy Perry, has some beautiful cleave. Nice rack!!!"

"My dad asked me how to spell Katy Perry a couple minutes ago and now I'm an accessory to this crime," Katie wrote, while sharing a screenshot of her dad's Facebook post.

After her tweet quickly achieved viral status, Katie joked about how her social media followers were far more supportive than her father's.

Unsurprisingly, he loved the attention.

Katie even went onto Facebook to tell Cliff the post wasn't okay (IN ALL CAPS), which the internet thoroughly enjoyed.

Some people noted the irony of Cliff asking the very Katie he named how to spell Katy. But she clarified that her father's proximity to her, a Katie, made him more sensitive to all of the possible spellings of that name.

Hopefully, the next time Cliff spells out Perry's full name, he doesn't go viral for embarrassing his daughter. Unless, in true dad fashion, that's his aspiration.

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