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Teen wants to exclude older sister from movie night because she cries during movies.

Teen wants to exclude older sister from movie night because she cries during movies.


Sibling relationships are an incredible mix of deep love and pure frustration. Small behaviors that wouldn't bother a friend or stranger can trigger massive eye-rolls in a sibling.

One of the difficulties in navigating a friendship with a sibling is figuring out when you're being unreasonably hard on them, and also, where to set boundaries in order to keep the peace.

Luckily, as with all relational topics, the internet is here to give advice and a third-party opinion.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a teen asked if she's wrong for wanting to exclude her older sister from movie nights because she gets emotional.

She wrote:

AITA for wanting to exclude my sister?

My (15F) family likes to have a movie night, we basically do that on Fridays when my parents don't have work and my sister (19 F) doesn't have too much work for college. It usually happens like once a month.

Mom insists on doing it or just having us all play a game so we can bond and have a good time, and it's really fun so no one complains about it. Anyways, I recently noticed that my sister (19 F) starts crying every time we watch a movie.

Like not the sad movies or anything like that, any movie that's for younger kids that we usually put on for my other sister (10, F) just has her face tearful.

It's usually random movies about friendship or simple ideas like that or just Disney movies or Studio Ghibli ones. She doesn't cry at all at anything else. I have no idea why.

It's also during random parts of the movie that it makes no sense to cry about (like someone flying, or someone hugging someone, or someone sitting in a garden or something).

No one else really notices because it's usually dark and we don't really talk during movies. Plus my sister is very unemotional usually and this is so unexpected that even if I told anyone they wouldn't believe me till they saw it (she makes no sound).

It also only happens that my sister is seated next to me during the movies and my parents and other sister are further away so they wouldn't notice at all. I notice because I usually have to check my phone so her face is a bit clearer for me.

This week my mom suggested another movie like that for us to watch next week.

And since this time she agreed we'd be doing it with my friend coming over, I thought it would ruin the mood for the night if she saw my sister like that and it was just not something I want to deal with.

My friend is also nosy and knows my sister very well and I kind of just want us to have fun without my sister in the picture. So here is where I may be TA, I told my mom I'm okay doing it as long as my sister is not there.

And if she is there then she has to stop crying over nothing and control her emotions for the night. My mom didn't see where I was coming from and told me if that's the case then they will do it without me.

I don't really want that so I told her that my sister is too old for this anyways and we could just not invite her from now on. She looked really upset and told me to go to my room. AITA?

The internet jumped in with some brutal honesty.

Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhzz wrote:

YTA. This is so mean 😭. Why do you care if she cries? Why does crying bother you? Is it loud? You said that no one even notices, so it seems like silent crying. Maybe think about why emotional expression bothers you so much.

I tear up at a lot of movies, and what makes some people cry doesn’t make other people cry.

YTA, you’re trying to get your sister kicked out of family movie night because “crying isn’t cool”. 😂

whatissevenbysix wrote: saw your sister crying repeatedly, a behavior very unusual to her, and instead of reaching out and offer your support and ask what's up, you want to exclude her so you won't be embarrassed?



notlucyintheskye wrote:


'I told her that my sister is too old for this anyways and we could just not invite her from now on'

Ah, the sweet, naivety of being 15.

You realize that life doesn't just stop at 18, right?

laughinglovinglivid wrote:

YTA. Whose reaction to a loved one crying is ‘eww stop that it’s embarrassing’? Have you even bothered to check your sister is okay?

wind-river7 wrote:

YTA. Your sister is tearing up in the dark and you can't even spend time watching a movie without checking your phone, therefore lighting up her face.

Your mother has the right idea, maybe you can sit in your room for a couple of hours and stare at your phone.

Toast-In-Mouth wrote:

Maybe you should sit out of the family bonding time because you clearly haven’t bonded with your sister at all if you can be so callous toward her. Some of those Disney and Ghibli movies have sad scenes in them.

Also, they have messages in them that won’t affect you the way it will affect others going through things. If you didn’t get the message from those movies then the message wasn’t for you btw.

In the US, 19 is around the age where people move on to college and sometimes those friendships in high school won’t last due to distance, lack of time, and personal change/growth.

She’s probably missing those friendships and reminiscing the times spent together. Now you’re trying to keep her from bonding time with the family all because you’re worried about being embarrassed? YTA.

Hopefully, OP is able to take some of this critique onboard, and rethink how she treats her older sister.

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