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These 29 People Broke the Law, but for REALLY Good Reasons.

These 29 People Broke the Law, but for REALLY Good Reasons.


I may (or may not, ahem) have done some illegal stuff in my day, but whatever I did or did not do was mainly stupid kid stuff, never anything to hurt or help anyone else. I mean, I do help people, but I just do it the traditional way, within the law.

Not all people are so traditional, however. Just take a look at these 29 stories from AskReddit users who broke the law in order to lend a helping hand:

1. Stuffin’ Chicken In

“When I worked at Golden Chick, I would stuff boxes/bags full of chicken when it was almost time be thrown out. People’s 2 piece meal turned into a 8 piece family meal and then some.”

2. Free Lunch

“I did something illegal and the lunch lady used to help.

I was in Seminole Middle way back when in Florida and we were really poor. Like, really poor. I used to steal lunch wraps and salad from the health bar during lunch in the cafeteria. The lunch lady knew. There was lunch A – C, all hosted at different times of the day.

She wouldn’t charge me until the third lunch, and even then it was next to nothing. I would have a backpack full of wraps and salads that I’d take home and share between my brother.

14 years to this date I have spent every Sunday talking to her at least two hours. She is old now and nobody really visits her. I tend to go see her from time to time, when the opportunity arises. I bring her Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas dinners. Sometimes I cook breakfast for her and I maintain her garden. I take her for walks (she’s in a wheelchair). I love her. When she passes away, I’d have lost a mother and a friend.”

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