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15 people share the biggest a**hole move they've witnessed.

15 people share the biggest a**hole move they've witnessed.


Some people live to create hell for others.

Every gathering is an opportunity to throw in a slight, stir the spot, or manipulate others into some elaborate mess.

Or in some cases, these big a**hole moves are purely self-involved and reflexive, with no major plan for destruction, just a tunnel vision mentality.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the biggest a**hole move they've ever witnessed, and it confirms that humanity is nothing if not petty.

1. From mentimutation:

The biggest d*ck move I have ever witnessed was at my friend's birthday party (around 10 years old). His grandmother sent 10 $1 scratchies in the mail.

The dick move being that she checked all the scratchies before sending them in case one had a big payout. I got to see his face drop as he opened the envelope to find 10 pre-scratched, worthless scratchies.

2. From cephalgia:

My good buddy's wife is famous for her lack of tact and general pissiness. Their little girl is about 2 years older than mine. Her birthday was coming up, and my daughter (7 at the time) wanted to pick out the birthday gift.

She plays with my friend's daughter and has a good idea what she likes. She made a long list and carefully selected what she thought was perfect. Fast forward to the day of the party.

Buddy's daughter opens up my daughter's gift, her eyes light up, and she squeals 'Thank you!'

Buddy's wife: 'Oh, honey - granny got you one of those already. Go ahead and put that one in the Goodwill (charity donation) box.'

My daughter was crushed. Took all my strength not to get up and slap the ever loving s**t out of my buddy's wife. Six months later, we drew names for Christmas gifts for the kids.

Buddy drew my daughter and his wife forgot to buy a gift for her and didn't realize it until we were passing out gifts. I don't speak with them anymore.

3. From dewright23:

My dad once made a rocking horse for my niece. He carved it out of several pieces of wood, hand braided the tail and mane out of rope that he painstakingly unwound, and hand-painted it.

It was a beautiful toy that would have lasted for generations. One day her father was too lazy to go out and chop wood, so he smashed it up and threw it into the fire.

4. From ssommer01:

A few years ago, as I was graduating high school, my dad got incredibly sick and ended up in a coma. While he was in the hospital, I still lived at home, waiting to turn 18 to move out.

But living with me was his new girlfriend he had moved in two weeks after my mom left. So I am pretty upset because I thought my dad would die.

In the midst of that, his girlfriend is constantly calling me a liar, and telling me she will throw my stuff on the lawn because she doesn't want me there. Now during this time I was working full-time at a car dealership and wasn't dating anyone.

But I later found out that one my dad finally recovered, his girlfriend, now wife, told him I was bringing different men home every night and sleeping with them in his house, and that I didn't care enough to respect his house while he was gone.

I NEVER did that. I was almost never home because of work. So then because of what she told him, while he was in the hospital recovering he took my house key from me, and told me I wasn't welcome there anymore.

I have cut all ties with her, and only see her twice a year at holidays, but we hardly speak. I did cut my father out for a year after it happened. But I decided to try and reconcile with him.

Then I got a job at the same company as him so we see each other every day now. We still have a strained relationship because I have a hard time letting go of everything he has done to me over the years.

I hope to one day get the courage to explain to him that I never did those things, but I know he won't believe me till he sees what she really is like himself.

So for now I keep my distance. I moved an hour away so I know that she won't be in my life and keeping everything separate is good for now. Unfortunately, it will take more than a few talks to heal the damage he has done to me from this incident

5. From shiny_brine:

My sister borrowed a large sum of money from our retired mother, with a promised payback plan. Never made a single payment. Mother is now down to her last dollar so we tried to get our sister to pay her at least some of the money.

A few months later a check showed up at our mom's made out to her for $0.00 and a comment on the bottom that said, 'Get a job.'

Edit to update: This is a very awesome community to share this type of issue with. To answer some of the more common questions, my mother will not take legal action against her own daughter.

Yes, I've cut all ties with my sister. My son is her only nephew and I've vowed that she will never meet him. I have an amazing family of in-laws that are wonderful so my son has fantastic aunts, uncles, and cousins without her in his life.

Plus, as she gets older my sister becomes more racist and my son, being adopted from a foreign country isn't 'American' (ie. white) enough to please my sister.

As you can see from all the posts on here, it's not totally uncommon for family to screw each other over money.

As you and your parents get older make sure you talk about their finances and how prepared they are for retirement etc. as well as what their wishes are.

Don't leave these things to the last minute or you may end up surprised and confronted with newfound knowledge of dishonest siblings when it's almost too late to deal with it.


I have three sisters, all older. Two of them are fraternal twins and they are perhaps the most materialistic and self-important people I've ever had the misfortune to encounter in my life. Twin #1 was the first to get married, right after college.

My mother generously gave her a wedding gift of $5,000. This was no small feat given that my father died about 4-5 years earlier and my mother was not only raising me but also was helping put the three girls through college.

Eldest Sister (not a twin) was the second to get married, a few years after the first. Again, my mother ponied up $5,000 as a wedding gift. Twin #2 (now in her late 40s) has never been married.

Not for lack of being asked; she's had two proposals that I'm aware of, but she turned both of them down. The first one wanted to move 'to the boondocks' and Twin #2 wanted nothing to do with that.

The second one had some issues with bipolar. Shortly after Eldest Sister was married, Twin #2 went to my mother and requested her $5,000. Her rationale was that the other two girls each got $5,000 so she's entitled too.

And because of inflation, her $5k will be worth less than their $5k, so she should get it now in order to enjoy similar spending power. I was off on this one.

Twin #2 wanted my mother to give her the $5k to put into an interest-bearing account so that if/when Twin #2 got married, she'd have the equivalent buying power.

Twin #2 also told my mother she wanted to see her Will so that she knew what she would be getting. Twin #2, who is an attorney, offered (out of the kindness of her heart, I'm sure) to review the Will to make sure it's all in order.

She had even gone so far as to deliver a number of forms to my mother, including a Power of Attorney statement. Twin #1 did not want to see her Will but did support Twin #2's desire to see it.

I would like to emphasize several points here:

My mother doesn't have a lot of money. She's solidly middle class and has been retired for six years now. Her current car is a used car, she still lives in the same house I grew up in.

Probably the most extravagant thing she's bought recently (as in, about four years ago) is a 60' LCD television — mainly because she loves watching football.

My mother bought both Twins cars and paid for their insurance through high school, as well as paying 100% of room, board and tuition at their colleges.

My mother told both twins to kiss her a*s.

7. From Xanathos7:

My grandmother had a few gold watches she was really proud of, she got them from the mayor or something at some point in her life and they were worth a fair amount of money.

My cousin who was a bit closer to my grandma than me (I live far away from her), told my grandma she really wanted to have one of the golden watches, so my grandma gave it to her and to her sister.

Not soon after I found out that my cousin went straight to the jewelers to sell the watch. My grandma passed away a few months later. My sister was pretty upset because she would have liked the watch as a memento.

It wouldn't have mattered if my cousin kept it as such, but she didn't, she sold it right away. We would have gladly paid her the few hundred she got for them at the jewelers. My grandad spent half his life collecting stamps.

After my grandma passed away he was really depressed and didn't see the point in anything anymore. He told my uncle that he didn't want to collect stamps anymore and gave him the collection.

My uncle put it on Ebay straight away and sold it for like 5.000 Euros, a few days after. To put this into perspective, my grandad also called up my mother and told her to take the cat, then called up a week later saying he wanted him back.

He was in a really bad place after losing his wife for 55 years. Something anyone with half a brain should f*cking understand. It was his life's work goddamn it.

My uncles keep pressuring my grandpa now to give them the money he has saved up. My grandad finally gave up and gave everyone in his family money a few months ago.

I didn't want it because I know that he's being pressured about it by my uncles and he should be allowed to live his final days without stress.

I couldn't find a way to tell him though, if I gave him the money back he'd take it the wrong way and I don't want to upset him any further. It's in my savings account, I don't know what to do with it.

TL;DR: One side of my family is only after the money and don't give a s**t about my dying grandparent's feelings.

8. From albarnator:

I went to a small Southern Baptist church as a kid. A friend of mine whose family didn't have a lot of money stayed over on a Saturday night, and went to church with my family the next morning.

She was concerned about her clothes because she didn't own a dress, but she had some nice khaki pants and a nice shirt, and we told her that would be absolutely fine.

The preacher's wife approached us after Sunday school, before the service, and pulled my friend to the side of the sanctuary. My friend was trying to pull her arm away because the woman was hurting her.

So I followed, and heard the preacher's wife say to her, 'Listen, you're welcome in God's house, but I don't want to see you back here until you can find something decent to wear.'

My mother had followed me and heard her, so we packed up and left right then (and did not go back). We'd been going to that church for about ten years.

9. From dickwhiskeydrunk:

A crazy lady in my buddy's family will routinely host parties and such just so that there is a large number of purses available to pick from.

A bar around here told a packed house that anyone who could drink the bar towel shot (a shot glass filled with the squeezed nastiness of the bar towel) and keep it down could drink for free for a week.

Some dude actually did it and we all drunkenly cheered for his disgustingly iron stomach and it was rad.

That is, up until the bartender told him that it wasn't actually approved by management and that he would have to do it again when the manager was around.

Thankfully, the bartender was fired for this, and the poor dude who drank it actually got a hundred dollars of drinks on the house for whenever he wanted.

10. From sirdomino:

Many years ago, I allowed my brother-in-law to stay with us temporarily as he lost his job and his apartment and had nowhere else to go. He acts nice in the beginning. We go out of town for a few weeks and he's eager to watch the house.

We come back, he has changed all the locks. We knock and knock and he refuses to answer. Suddenly cops pull up and he had successfully evicted us from our own property.

Had to rent another place for 6 weeks until we could go through legal proceedings and get back in. When we did get back in he had trashed the house.

Poured milk and eggs on the carpets, put raw chicken inside the walls, stolen all the plugs and fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. Sold our appliances, and he even killed a bunch of random stray cats in the neighborhood and laid them all around the house.

Called the cops again and was told it was a domestic/civil issue and to take him to small claims court.

TLDR: Allowed 'down on his luck' BIL stay with us. He evicts us and trashes our house before we get our home back.

11. From LoganAvatar:

My girlfriend and her two kids were living with my girlfriend's mother. This nutjob is always emotionally abusive to my girlfriend, telling her she is a terrible parent and all she does is go to bars and drinks (she never does).

Well, one day about a year ago, the gf's mother decides she doesn't like her daughter and grandkids hanging out with me, so she throws all of their stuff into plastic bags and kicks my gf and her 7 and 8 year old out.

My gf and I had already been talking about them moving in with me when summer hit, but her mom hates me so much that she takes it out on her daughter and grandkids. Fast forward to last week. I propose, the girls and woman I love accept.

When she tells her mom, the lunatic sends her a crazy email about how she's the worst parent in the world, and how she doesn't want to ever see my fiancee again, and how she is looking forward to seeing the girls when they are 18, unless CPS takes them first.

12. From fenixqns:

My best friend got married, the bride's side of the family said they would pay for the wedding if it was within reason. So they kept everything within reason.

Instead of paying for the wedding, the bride's family spent the money on a vacation and didn't tell them. So they had to postpone their wedding because nothing was paid for.

So my friend and his wife paid for the wedding themselves. When the big day finally came around the bride's family gave $150 and an I.O.U in a card saying we owe you a better gift. The family has a boat, a jag, and took another vacation that year.

13. From eggnewton:

After I graduated high school, my mom asked my dad (they're divorced) to help pay for a laptop for me for college.

He agreed, on the stipulation that I do some pretty intense manual labor for him all summer at $10 an hour to be taken off the price of the computer (awesome, right?).

Well, 100 hours later and having finished the project, earning the entire price of the computer, s**t got sour.

It all went to hell when my dad called me two days later and said that he wouldn't be getting me the computer because I hadn't done the job right (he'd seen it at every point in the process and told me I'd done a good job the day I finished).

He also made it clear he wasn't going to help with college. My mom's a teacher, my dad's a doctor. A month after this happened, I found out through an oblivious family friend that my father had bought a second house (huge house) and a BMW.

My saint mother and I managed to take care of the school costs, graduating in May.

TL;DR: My wealthy doctor dad cheated me out of $1000 of work, didn't help with college costs, and instead bought a huge house and fast car.

14. From prudieb:

I have three older sisters. When I was little, maybe 6 or 7, my aunt and uncle gave my two older sisters very nice jewelry boxes for Christmas (my other sister and I got something else since we were younger).

Well, a few weeks later my uncle and aunt split up. My uncle is my mom's brother and the aunt was just crazy, only related to us through their marriage.

She ended up sending a letter to my mom demanding the jewelry boxes be sent back since she bought them with her own money, not my uncle's. My mom never told us about this letter until we were older and refused to send back the gifts.

The woman was c-r-a-z-y. The sad part is they had just finished building a huge mansion with a brand new horse farm since they both loved to ride horses. My uncle lived in the empty house for another year by himself and ended up selling it.

We got to see it once. It was awesome, the biggest house I've ever been in.

15. From iaccidentallydrunk:

I caught my ex-wife cheating on me two days before Christmas and I left her at my house and took my three kids with me.

Christmas day came and I had very little to give them but we had a nice morning opening the one gift a piece I had to give them.

My ex picked them up at noon and they opened all the gifts I had gotten them that I had left at my house. When they came back that night all they could talk about was all the stuff their mother got them for Christmas. feelsbadman.jpg

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