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15 people share the biggest a**hole move they've witnessed.

15 people share the biggest a**hole move they've witnessed.


Some people live to create hell for others.

Every gathering is an opportunity to throw in a slight, stir the spot, or manipulate others into some elaborate mess.

Or in some cases, these big a**hole moves are purely self-involved and reflexive, with no major plan for destruction, just a tunnel vision mentality.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the biggest a**hole move they've ever witnessed, and it confirms that humanity is nothing if not petty.

1. From mentimutation:

The biggest d*ck move I have ever witnessed was at my friend's birthday party (around 10 years old). His grandmother sent 10 $1 scratchies in the mail.

The dick move being that she checked all the scratchies before sending them in case one had a big payout. I got to see his face drop as he opened the envelope to find 10 pre-scratched, worthless scratchies.

2. From cephalgia:

My good buddy's wife is famous for her lack of tact and general pissiness. Their little girl is about 2 years older than mine. Her birthday was coming up, and my daughter (7 at the time) wanted to pick out the birthday gift.

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