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15 people share the baby names that made them 'lose respect' for the parents.

15 people share the baby names that made them 'lose respect' for the parents.


It's safe to say that everyone has a different taste in names.

Culture, language, and personality are all major factors in shaping the kinds of names you resonate with and which make you ask 'why in the world?!'

Even with the subjectivity of names, there are some that elicit a lot more question marks than compliments.

So people in a popular Ask Reddit thread shared the baby names that made them immediately lose respect for the parents.

1. From cinnamongreen:

Any of Nick Cannon's kids' names. They are all so over-the-top bad.

Moroccan, Monroe, Golden Sagon, Rise Messiah, Powerful Queen, Zion Mixolydian, Zillion Heir, Beautiful Zeppelin, Legendary Love, Onyx Ice Cole and Zen.


2. From nahteviro:

A guy running for some office near me is named Rocky Rhodes.

How does one look at their tiny newborn and think…“Rocky! Looks like a Rocky to me. And you know how much I love ice cream!”

3. From Tanyaschmidt:

Any name as alcohol. Chardonnay, Tequila, etc. Saw those a lot as a teacher. Had a male student named Crash Danger. Not kidding.

4. From Themissrebecca103:

Joaux (Joe) is a personal favorite 🤣

5. From BurningHuman:

Mike but short for Micycle.

6. From Jibber_Fight:

My brother once had clients named Jerry and Mary Derryberry. We didn’t believe him so he took a picture of whatever account papers.

(Don’t even remember what his job was at the time, who gives a sh*t). But the series of events to have a married couple be named Jerry and Mary Derryberry is just so delicious.

7. From WorkRedditUsername69:

All the names with X thrown in the middle or even two. Jaxxtley. Braxxton. Braxley. I hate them.

8. From Niburu-Illyria:

I used to be on Tumblr back in the day of Supernatural's glory, and someone named their poor child 'Destiel.' I get it, you like the ship.

But you have an actual child that is TOTALLY gonna be pissed you named your kid after a fictional relationship on a show about demons and other supernatural things. The lack of respect or forethought like?

9. From quinnk1n:

Horribly misspelled to seem different. The irony is that my boyfriend's name is Krysteffor.

10. From NathalieDV90:

Youandi. It stands for you and I :( Horrible.

11. From KickNo2069:

Reighfyl, pronounced 'rifle.'

12. From Derp_State_Agent:

Nevaeh is the most obnoxious to me (please explain that it's heaven backward again, so clever). However, I've met a baby named Felonee and that takes the cake.

13. From dopiestsalt:

Got a student named “Yeyson.” The mom got pissed when I was saying “ Yay-son”. She yells at me “It’s Jason like English!” Well lady, maybe f**king spell it like English then.

14. From Cesum-Pec:

When AL Gore was VP, I had a meeting with him. There was a lawyer speaking on the panel. Her name was Baby Girl Smith. She had not let a dumb name hold her back.


The only one I've witnessed in real life was some woman yelling at her daughter in the grocery store: 'Starlet.' It makes me predict endless beauty pageants, forced auditions, and her mother living her dreams vicariously through her.

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