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15 people share toxic behaviors they see in themselves but have a hard time controlling.

15 people share toxic behaviors they see in themselves but have a hard time controlling.


Being human is innately messy.

Regardless of ideals or intentions, we all have coped in toxic ways, behaved badly at times, and said or done things we regret.

When it comes to becoming healthier, self-awareness can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you need self-awareness in order to pinpoint your flaws and grow. On the other hand, pinpointing your flaws doesn't do the heavy lifting automatically.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the toxic behaviors they see in themselves but still have a hard time controlling.

1. Themilleerss wrote:

I always try to sympathize with others but feel like I just make the conversations always about me.

2. Big_Books_311 wrote:

My need to control things. If someone close to me is going through something that should be their problem, I feel like I have to fix it and make it work the way I think it should go.

3. fluffysloth2010 wrote:

Jealousy. Sometimes I see other people with a picture-perfect life, or they’re beautiful or smart or just have something nice I like and I get jealous. I tell myself to relax, not try to compete or let it get to me, but it still does.

4. I_Have_A_Question28 wrote:

Bottling emotions/poor communication skills. I'm pretty cautious and don't like talking about negative emotions. I'm better at expressing positive ones. I think it's because I'm afraid of upsetting people.

5. FoxFeathers_ wrote:

When I get frustrated I become SUPER passive-aggressive. I look back at any time I do this like “wow I was being horrible,” but I can’t figure out how to keep myself from doing it other than just shutting up entirely :/

6. nocountryforolddick wrote:

Addictions: smoking and drinking. Everything that's wrong makes me feel good. And that kinda sucks, but that's nice too. Oh f**k I hate myself.

7. ipakookapi wrote:

Easily overwhelmed by being interrupted, or put into a difficult conversation suddenly when I'm not prepared. If you expect me to answer the phone, text me 2-4 business days in advance.

'I can't talk about this right now please' does not mean we will never talk about it. Just let me eat, sleep, and process my other anxieties so I can actually be present mentally for Our Talk.

8. Top-Candle-4138 wrote:

Interrupting. I will literally forget everything if I don’t say it immediately. I try so hard to not interrupt but somehow my brain won’t let me.

9. Eternal_Bagel wrote:

A lot of inwardly focused negativity. In general, if something could benefit me only it’s not worth doing like the gym or self care or eating healthy because it’s only going to help me and I hate that guy.

10. Spoons_2_nine wrote:

When I know I’m wrong and apologize, I try to explain my point of view, but it can come off like I’m making excuses or justifying my behavior.

It’s something I’m trying to work on, but don’t quite know how to go about it. I want to be understood but also am truly sorry for something I did.

11. TAHINAZ wrote:

I tend to over-trust and over-share because I’m lonely. I push friends away because I assume my friendship is a burden on them. I apologize too much and put myself down in an effort to gain sympathy because I lack self-confidence.

I’m codependent and can’t trust myself to have a healthy relationship; I’m afraid I’ll just make myself subordinate in an attempt to appeal to the other person. I don’t trust myself in any way, shape, or form.

12. BaileyHeart wrote:

I'm a clean freak and sometimes have a hard time not pointing out to someone when they haven't washed their hands or that their fruit in the fridge has gone bad.

Honestly though, it frustrates me more that some people can be so relaxed about cleanliness.

Which is probably toxic. I've learned to tone it down at least and having my own space to keep in order helps.

13. Shamanofthealike1 wrote:

I have a hard time consoling people when they are sad, but when I'm sad I complain that no one is consoling me! D:

14. detective_kiara wrote:

I'm way too sensitive towards other people. If a person even sounds annoyed while talking to me, I get furious. It's hard for me to not care what others say/do towards me.

15. InfinitesReddit wrote:

Testing people. I test my boyfriend a lot. If I’m mad, I’d assume he knows I am and if he doesn’t pick up the signs, I get even more mad. It’s something I’m trying my best to stop, because it’s out of habit.

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