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15 people who lost a lot of weight share what surprised them the most.

15 people who lost a lot of weight share what surprised them the most.


We live in a culture that values thinness, often promoting it as a marker of health and beauty (even when it's not healthy).

It's hard to open your computer or walk down a city street without being bombarded with ads about weight loss, diet programs, or body shaming messaging telling you to make your body smaller.

It's natural for people to have different body sizes and shapes, and health looks different for everyone, but the narrative of 'getting healthy' is often conflated with losing weight.

So it can be interesting to hear about the actual pros and cons of this experience from people who have been there.

In a popular post on Ask Reddit, people who have lost a lot of weight share what surprised them most about the experience.

1. From TonyDanzer:

I get so cold now!!! I can’t get away with just a sweatshirt in the winter, I need a long sleeve underneath a sweater underneath my big coat before I even feel a little warm. I finally understand why people wear so many layers!!!

2. From greyheim409:

I’ve recently lost 65 pounds 243 to 178 still got a bit to go. I’ve already noticed a decent difference including how people act towards me which I was expecting.

The part I wasn’t expecting was the resentment from some of my friends who while not terribly overweight are now slightly heavier than me and they are not happy about it.

EDIT: To the people telling me that my friends are being bad friends and to drop them I appreciate the support.

Although they might be being bad friends at the moment they are still my friends most of them I've known a long time and instead of just dropping them I'm going to be a good friend and do my best to help them.

I'll simply power through until they adjust if they don't then we might drift apart but such is life.

3. From vacawonder:

I don't know if you'd call each one surprising on their own but in total they combined to a massive quality of life improvement. I slept better, breathed better, my mood improved, my pain lessened.

My knees stopped hurting, I could actually get up from sitting on the floor without rolling on my side and I could just stand, depression went away, anxiety went away, social phobias went away, muscle cramps in my upper back went away.

I stopped wearing through the crotches and underarms of all my clothing in short order and lost the chafing that went along with that.

I can now withstand bumps without bruising so much, small scratches and mosquito bites didn't bleed for f*cking ever, and I catch a cold once every few years instead of twice a year.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the amount of pain I suddenly WASN'T in just from moving around. That's the best.

4. From Faromerojr:

I was freaking shocked the first time I jumped into a go-kart and flew around the track. I thought they had upgraded the karts, then I just realized that they haul a lot of a*s when they're hauling 135 pounds less a*s.

5. From WellAckshully:

When sitting in hard chairs or benches, I could feel my vertebrae touching whatever I was sitting on. Was very weird to get used to. Getting cold very easily.

6. From Colonel_Gipper:

Alcohol hits me way quicker now days.

7. From That_ol_boy:

How easy it comes back. Went from 250 to less than 200, then back to 265ish. I've lost about 15 since I hit that max but it's not as easy this time.

8. From Somgr81:

Going from eating greasy fast food to mostly fruits and vegetables means that you don't use half a roll of toilet paper when taking a dump.

Also, shopping for clothes is soooooo much easier now.

9. From Adcro:

I found it odd when I was as blending into a crowd. No one looking or whispering, no side glances etc, and then getting used to the fact that people laughing together were now very unlikely to be laughing at me.

I lost 5 stone in UK measurements. Around 70lb. Over 2.5 years

10. From MordinSalarian:

How different people treat you when you are in shape vs fat. You get treated with a lot more respect from men and women. It was weird to get used to.

11. From jormono:

My asthma symptoms completely went away. Never even considered that as a possible outcome. I was pretty broke and ran out of advair (preventative), which costs ~$300 for a month supply where the rescue inhaler cost like $20.

So I was going to have to go cold Turkey and about 2 weeks later I realized I hadn't actually used the rescue inhaler. Eventually, my rescue inhaler expired and I haven't had need or want for it since.

12. From justfoster:

I lost 140 lbs. The biggest surprise was finding it that I wasn't fat because I was lazy. I've been overweight for most of my life and it always felt like a moral failing- I was a lazy person so therefore I was fat.

Having lost the equivalent of a person, I now realize that being that fat makes you 'lazy'. It hurts to walk, to stand, to live- no wonder all I wanted to do was sit down or sleep! At the end of a day of work, I was exhausted!

Imagine going through your life carrying around another person- it doesn't take much to wear a person out. And it's a vicious circle- you don't want to move because it hurts and so you get fatter and fatter.

It was only since I lost all this Weight that I realized that I'm not a 'bad' person, not a 'lazy' person. Being lazy didn't make me fat- I was lazy because I was fat.

13. From DoctorMumbles:

That I wasn’t happy.

I thought I would be happy. Or happier. But I just wasn’t. I had lost around 130 lbs. felt the same mentally. I’ve gained back about 50 lbs. Trying to bring myself back into the routine of losing weight, but it’s difficult knowing it won’t fix all of my apathy.

14. From outofnameideas576:

Went from 270 to 175. One character in Game of Thrones (Salladhor Saan) jokes that 'A fat man always sits comfortably, I am thinking, for he takes his pillow with him wherever he goes' and holy sh*t its true.

I never realized how uncomfortable bleachers were or even noticed that I had a tailbone before losing the weight.

15. From arunkumarcea:

Gay guys hitting on me because I was much skinnier. I was expecting more attention from the ladies, but getting it from the guys as well was a surprise.

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