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15 people who ran into the 'weird kid' from school share how they turned out as adults.

15 people who ran into the 'weird kid' from school share how they turned out as adults.


During the formative childhood and high school years, conforming is all the rage.

While teens do prioritize expressing their uniqueness, most schools have a certain range of 'accepted' individualism. If you're weird enough to fall outside that range, then you might be labeled one of the 'weird kids.'

As we grow older, these labels melt into the abyss of adulthood, where other more pressing stresses mount. And the concepts of 'popular' and 'weird' are swapped in for money stresses, family choices, and varying career paths.

Still, it's natural to wonder where former classmates ended up, and how their labels in school predicted (or didn't predict) their life path.

In a popular Reddit thread, people who ran into the 'weird kid' from school years later share how they turned out.

1. From okultistas:

My friend’s dad told him about weird classmate he had. Nobody really took him seriously. When they were in their last grades, that kid decided that right after school he will be growing fungi instead of studying.

Everyone laughed at him. And guess what? Right now he owns probably the largest organic farm business both in the country and most likely in the whole region.

2. From sparky662:

We had a kid that would do weird sh*t in front of other kids for attention. Climb into bins, eat old food out of the bins, let people throw yogurt over him, dive into bushes, that sort of thing. Otherwise, he seemed mostly harmless.

Ended up in prison for pouring a kettle of boiling water over a guy and a girl who he fancied. They were at a house party, he saw her talking to a guy. He went to the kitchen, boiled the kettle, calmly walked up to them and poured it on their heads.

I’m not sure he had ever even spoken to her but he was seemingly jealous that she was talking to another guy.

Then after he was released from prison for that he took his mother's car on a joyride with two of his mates, crashed into a car driven by an elderly couple, then ran off leaving his two mates dead and the elderly couple badly injured.

I think he’s still in prison for that. Not quite as bad but we had another weird kid who would talk to no one and would spend all day drawing graffiti in a sketchbook, which he guarded with his life.

Not good graffiti, he just kept drawing his tag in different fonts (I think it was ’Azpekt’ or some other badly spelt word). If he spoke it was usually just to tell people how great he thought Banksy was.

He ended up spraying this tag all over our small and otherwise graffiti free English town, and was immediately arrested after his old teachers recognized it. I think the sketchbook was used as evidence.

He was then arrested a second time for spraying his tag on the side of the courthouse in front of half a dozen CCTV cameras.

I bumped into him a year or so back and he now works for a charity which runs a kids club in the next town over. He teaches kids how to skate and BMX as well as running street art classes where they legally decorate the skate park with graffiti.

3. From Bam_11:

I wouldn't say I ran into him but I occasionally drive past the penny kid walking around slumped in a leather jacket and greasy hair on a hot summer day. I really have no idea what he's doing with his life but he still seems pretty weird.

Back in high school, he was always collecting change that he'd find on the ground and I found out later he actually saved up 500 dollars or so and donated it to charity. I thought a lot differently about him once I found out.

4. From DarthSkittles:

She was actually doing really well. I almost didn't recognize her because she looked so much different. She'd joined the military, so was cleaned up, in better shape, etc. and seemed like she was happy. Sadly she died in a car accident a year or so later.

5. From ggregggg:

Girl in high school used to be really to herself. Super into anime, just assumed she was shy so I'd make a point to have small chats with her every day until one day she said her pillow wasn't f**king her right.

Apparently, her pillow had conscience and she used it to masturbate, graduated a few months later. Fast forward to about 3 months ago, I'm making coffee at a cafe when said girl walks up to me.

She's super polite and bubbly but as I ask how her day is going she tells me the demon that had r*ped her was actually her guardian angel and she needed him around or something. Haven't seen her since.

6. From lilmousefoofoo:

There was a weird kid in my middle school who would eat hand sanitizer, cut his fingers and write '666' on the classroom walls with his blood, and other creepy things.

Apparently, he had a crush on me, and asked me to the 8th grade prom but I declined. Fast forward to the last day of middle school, I receive a message from him on Facebook saying he had a huge crush on me.

He said that he would kill himself if I didn't feel the same. I told him that despite what he had just sent me, I wasn't interested.

A few months later we start high school, but since there's 4 high schools in my area, a lot of us were scattered around and we ended up going to different schools.

I never saw him again, but through Facebook I saw that he started a relationship with a girl that also attended our middle school. He looked really happy, and honestly I was happy for him.

He seemed to have grown out of that weird middle school stage and genuinely seemed like a great guy. Around 2 years later (I was a Junior in HS), I go to a local supermarket and just mind my business.

The next day I receive a message from him on Facebook saying he was working at the supermarket and happened to see me. I messaged him back and apologized for not seeing him and saying hi.

He then proceeded to apologize for all the weird middle school stuff, and that message he had sent me on the last day of 8th grade. I told him all was fine and we left it at that.

Now, by the looks of Facebook, he's a workout fanatic and his body has changed a lot. He also seems to be going to college, and spends a lot of time with his family. I'm glad he's doing fine.

7. From D-man-Realty:

There was this kid in Junior high that was really quiet and had no friends at the time. One day my English teacher pulls me out of the classroom and asks me to befriend him because he didn't have friends.

So I did and we became friends, we went to different high schools so kinda lost connection, he would text me every now and then. He found me on Facebook when he was working on his engineering degree.

He is now married and works for SpaceX as an engineer.

8. From HighLadySuroth:

'Weird kid' I knew committed suicide about 6 weeks after we graduated.

9. From succed32:

He renamed himself Green Dragon of the West. He's a network engineer. So okay I guess.

10. From fugawf:

He is still in jail for taking a sex worker out to the woods behind his parents house and trying to kill her. He left her for dead but she came to after he left and got the hell out of there.

11. From Forgeworld:

There was this very weird kid who was known for masturbating in class in 8th grade and ended up dropping out of school. Last year I see on the news that he robbed a bank.

He slid a note saying “I have a gun, give me all of your money” and the bank teller handed him a f**k ton of $1 and $5 bills to stall while police showed up.

He left before police arrived but they found him shortly after, because he left his entire handprint on the glass door when he pushed it open on his way out.

Edit: The hand-print is not how police found him. He did leave the hand-print on the glass though. It was just something I wanted to include in the story. Bad wording on my part. Sorry about that.

12. From oh_katy:

I saw her at a con I was working, where she came up to my guest and was telling him about her book that she hadn't started writing but was due the next day and still had 10,000 words left to write.

She also kept looking at her phone and dramatically sighing and saying things about how she wished her publisher would leave her alone. So still making up things to try and make herself look better.

13. From DillPixels:

He still wears a black trench coat and his black Napoleon Dynamite boots and trudges around down the streets.

14. From CeboMcDebo:

They were twins, the eldest of the two is in prison for rape, assault, armed robbery and grand theft auto. The younger is the police officer who arrested him.

The weird thing is that in high school they were the complete opposite of what they are now. Met the younger last year after 7 years of not seeing them.

15. From Swedishpunsch:

She moved to NY City and was one of the stars of a Broadway musical.

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