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Tom Price is out of the White House, and Twitter is pure money.

Tom Price is out of the White House, and Twitter is pure money.


The current presidential administration has a higher turnover rate than Applebees. If you tune out of the newscycle for a week you're likely to miss a shift in management, and honestly, given everything about the Trump administration, it's not surprising.

The latest casualty of White House fallout is the Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price who resigned on Friday amidst a scandal over his use of over $400,000 in taxpayer dollars for trips on private jets since early May.

Twitter wasted no time before responding to the news.

Some speculated on the fate of all of the White House casualties from the past year.

I recommend you pour yourself a glass of wine while reading this Twitter gold.

It's the ideal TGIF activity to kick off the weekend.


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