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This Twitter rap battle between Wendy's and Wingstop brings the literal beef.

This Twitter rap battle between Wendy's and Wingstop brings the literal beef.


Being alive in 2017 is a bizarre experience on multiple levels. While the newscycle feels like a parody of hell itself, there are still symbols of beauty and progress out there in our world. Perhaps the least expected moment of these is the rap battle between Wendy's and Wingstop that went down on Twitter today.

It all started when Wingstop tweeted some fire lines about their wings, all while giving a shout out to Migos.

After seeing Wingstop's cipher, the Twitter user Matthew Lazor urged Wendy's to jump into the game.

I have a feeling Lazor gave the shout-out after because he remembered the previous beef between Wendy's and Hardy's, or the legendary time that Wendy's came for McDonalds on Twitter. Basically, Wendy's is the Tupac of rap battling on fast food social media accounts.


Once they received the bat signal, Wendy's didn't hesitate to jump into the battle with a Kendrick Lamar reference.

Naturally, Wingstop wasn't going to just sit there and take the loss.

This is when the battle went from 0-100 real quick.

They literally flame-broiled each other for a stream of solid tweets.



They kept the beef cooking until the very end.

In fact the ending might have been the best part of the battle.

The whole elegant rap battle left Twitter speechless.



Who do YOU think won the battle?!


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