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White House lets it slip whether or not Trump watched the Stormy Daniels interview.

White House lets it slip whether or not Trump watched the Stormy Daniels interview.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders dispatched Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah to answer the press's questions on Monday, perhaps because she knew that Stormy Daniels would inevitably come up.

And as the prophecy foretold, a member of the press corps asked if Donald Trump or any of his associates violated laws in dealing with Stormy, whether it's campaign finance laws or laws against sending out goons to attack a woman and her baby in a parking lot.

donald trump attack GIF
(Stormy is Trump and the goon is the eagle)

First, he insisted that the White House didn't engage in any wrongdoing in dealing with Stormy Daniels—which is definitely true, considering the fact that it was President Obama who lived and worked there at the time.

From the podium, Shah announced that "the president strongly, clearly and consistently has denied the underlying claims [of the affair]," and implied that it is Stormy who's a liar.

Shah also insisted that a series of signed contracts undermines her credibility, even if those statements were demanded from the hush agreement.

While the White House wouldn't confirm or deny whether or not Trump watched the show, they let it slip that Trump "doesn't believe" any of her claims.

So if he knows what she said, he probably watched the interview, eh? Because he sure as hell didn't read about it in his briefing.

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Come on.

The real bombshell to come from the 60 Minutes interview wasn't the spanking stuff (we've heard that already), it was Stormy describing the intimidation and bullying tactics used to silence her.

Stormy told Anderson Cooper that in 2011, an "unidentified man physically threatened" her and told her to "leave Trump alone."

Despite the White House's statements, there's only one way to know what Trump actually thinks, and he's been suspiciously silent on Twitter.

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