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Woman kicks sister out for walking naked around BF; gets called 'insecure freak.'

Woman kicks sister out for walking naked around BF; gets called 'insecure freak.'


In a perfect world, sibling relationships would become simpler in adulthood. But realistically, adulthood opens up a whole new brand of dynamics you get to navigate.

Figuring out the balance between setting healthy boundaries and leaving an open door for a sibling can be difficult. Especially when they don't have the best track record of behaving thoughtfully. Luckily, when in doubt, the court of the internet is always here to lend an ear and some free advice.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for kicking out her younger sister for unnecessarily walking around naked.

She wrote:

'AITA for kicking my sister out of my house because she walked out of my shower naked?'

I (21f) have had my sister (18f) over for the past 3 days while she was fully renovating her apartment that she got for her 18th three weeks ago. She couldn’t stand being there when it was undergoing.

She was supposed to stay 6 days & she said that she would be out most of the time for school or with friends. She doesn’t want to go to our parent’s home as she can’t stand any more interventions from our father.

She was not supposed to move in until school finishes, but she played the “I’m 18” card. I allowed her to stay for this short period and it wouldn’t be inconvenient as we all live less than two miles away from each other.

Me and my boyfriend (22m) live together & he adores my sister even though she is according to him “a bad influence”. I have to attend classes most of my days, so I am not here from the morning till afternoon/evening.

My boyfriend is doing an internship right now, so he is not always home, but is there more than me. My sister for the majority of her life would always walk out of the shower naked and wouldn’t care about who will see her.

One of our bathrooms that she conveniently uses is our bedroom one, where you have to go in our room and walk past it to go to the bathroom. My boyfriend finishes early on Mondays & my sister came home earlier than expected.

I usually head home as quick as I can as we want to use this free time together. Though my sister had other plans. According to my boyfriend, she went straight into our shower as soon as she came home (whilst he was lying down on our bed).

She was crying loudly in the shower and proceeded to walk out of the shower naked & back in as she “forgot” something three times. After finding this out, I told her she needs to leave the apartment.

She called me unreasonable and “an insecure freak.” My parents blamed me for making her “breakdown” as she went back to our parent’s house. My boyfriend told me that I “overreacted” and he just wanted me to tell her to stop doing that as it was bizarre. AITA?

The internet jumped in with all of their hot takes.

JM_Flynn wrote:

NTA. Your house, your rules. Do you buy the whole 'breakdown' thing? Also, why is she using your en suite bathroom and not the guest one?

joeswastedtime wrote:

NTA maybe I’m paranoid but that just all really seems like she was trying to get bf to try to comfort her while she was naked. 3 times in fact.

NotThisAgain234 wrote:

NTA. You don’t need that mess looking for trouble in your house. Let mom and dad deal with it. Giving a side eye to your bf for the “overreacted.'

Noneya_Biddness wrote:

NTA. It sounds like she did it on purpose. I can understand MAYBE once (on “accident”), but three times? She knew he was out there, yet she chose to walk out naked.

At that age, girls tend to have issues with their self-esteem, and they will look for attention, even if it’s not always appropriate. She was hoping to get your boyfriend riled up. She could always put the blame on him if it got out of control.

“He was older, and should know better.” You did the right thing. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Because if she gets away with it once, then, most likely it will happen again.

Honest-Illusions wrote:

NTA. Your sister was walking around in the buff in front of your BF on purpose. She can say what she wants but this is unacceptable. She was a guest in your apartment and should have been respectful of that.

You did the right thing. Mom and dad are mad because they are now stuck with her.

OP might not have the support of her parents on this, but she's got a thread of internet commenters on her side.

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