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Woman asks if she’s wrong to refuse to bake wedding cake for ‘bully’ sister.

Woman asks if she’s wrong to refuse to bake wedding cake for ‘bully’ sister.

Doing wedding-related favors for friends and family can be nice, but also potentially disastrous..

If you volunteer to do a job for someone's wedding that would normally be done by a professional such as photography, catering, or dress-designing, be prepared to put in a lot of free labor. It's normal to want to use your skills to help out someone you love, but considering perfectly normal people can turn into detail-demons from the depths of the seven bridal seas the second they start planning their wedding, you might be quick to rescind your offer. Especially if you also are on shaky ground with a relative or a friend, offering favors can only escalate the drama.

So, when a woman decided to consult the moral compass of the internet otherwise known as Reddit's "Am I the As*hole?" about her sister's request to bake her wedding cake, people were ready to offer advice.

AITA (Am I the As*hole) if I refuse to bake my sister's wedding cake?

My sister is getting married in 9 months, and she wants me to bake her wedding cake for her. We have a horrible relationship. She bullied me, gas lit me, and helped pull my mother away until she died. I cut off contact years ago. I refuse to have her in my life. My father said I have to suck it up because we are "sisters". That is not going to happen. Even when we had a relatively nice conversation at a family gathering, she still brought up the incident where she spoke badly about me to an employer so I would never be able to work there. She wants to fire me up!

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